Is this getting you closer to your goals?


Is this bringing me closer to my goals?

It is said, when you are in business that you have to write your goals, to have clarity, and that every action you make you should be asking yourself; Is this bringing me closer to my goals?

Have you applied that?

I personally like to have a business coach, not only I let it all out with a professional ; my business challenges, frustrations and goals, but also allows that this professional with a special interest that I “ feel ” the value of their advice, keep me in track towards my goals and also more than often , If you are like me going a million miles per hour and in all directions, they are the ones who helped me to stop , realize and enjoy my successes.

But things are a little different this year for me, (more than a little they are 180 degrees different) My F8 Travel year , is a year of experiences, building relationships with hotels , tour companies and organizations, is also a year of bonding, a year of gratitude , a year of memories, a year of learning, a year of togetherness, and with it there are goals to accomplished, As always it must be the financial goals, where I must make sales as I travel, I need to pay office rent, the management of it, Health, Life and Travel Insurance among others, Technology is being my savior and my nightmare at the same time. But together we must accomplish those much needed sales.

The new goals I have in addition are the core of what is F8 travel, in every experience we lived in this year in every city we visit, every family and friend we met, every restaurant, i ask myself: ” Is this bringing me closer or let me experience any of the F8 elements? Is this for Family? or Faith? or Friends? or Funding/Volunteering? or Fitness/Health? or Fun? or Food? or Fulfillment?

If what I am doing involves one or more of those elements, I feel like I am getting closer to my goals for this year.

You don’t have to be traveling to add F8 in your life, I believe it will help everyone to grow spiritually, I am overwhelmed with gratitude because these last 15 weeks, since We started this Life purpose Journey, October 09th 2015, I made possible to personally hold hands, look in the eyes of those who mean a lot to me, i had the blessing to tell them, “ I love you” “ I appreciate you “ “You made me feel especial” , and “ I am here for you”!!, and you might be my next visit 🙂

Thanks for your time,


Tio Victor & Mila Ulloa without their courage to Leave Peru in the 60’s for a better future for them and their son, I would never be an American Citizen today! Bravery runs in the family!



The Meacham’s at a dinner Show Las Brisas del Titicaca in Lima Peru, they are my biggest cheerleaders and the axel of my world!


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#food #family #fun

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  1. Pat marshall says:

    Dearest Cessy
    Your courage to do this year of travel with your family is inspirational and captivating
    I am following you and feeling I am there
    Because you allowed me to be a part of your big adventure , I am so blessed and I love your family which makes it easy to see how you became the person you are today.
    Barb and I are driving to Florida next week finally after many weeks here with Al in the hospital. We had a foot of snow yesterday
    And I can’t wait to go to the beach and the pool
    Keep sending pictures , the tribe looks happy
    See you when I see you

    Love. Pat and Barbara. Your constant travelers

    1. cessymeacham says:

      Thank you so much, You both have been the light and my guiding star these past years. I am passionate planning your trips and also live throught your travels around the world. Love you sisters!!! Glad your getting to Florida soon, hope to catch you in May !


    Querida Cessy! wowww y si que te tiraste al río… como cahuide .. con zapatos y todo jajajja, te felicito por tu coraje y decisión de hacer lo que estás haciendo.. tienes la suerte que toda tu family están en la misma pagina que tu… asi la corriente fluye a tu favor….aunque me tiraste arroz bien feo antes de irte y nunca me llamastes ni conversamos las cosas que para mi eran importantes… igual te quiero y seguire tu aventura…. un beso grande y saludos para Chuck y los críos

    1. cessymeacham says:

      nooooo, jamas arroz a mi primo! si hablamos, pero claro que nos falto, me alegro que me quieras, porque yo te quiero mucho también, sabes que esas semanas me sentia peor que Tupac Amaru, me jalaban de todos lados,escribeme al email de siempre y coordinamos una platica via skype call. saludos a los tuyos también,muchos cariños primo.

  3. I am so happy for you!

    1. cessymeacham says:

      Your encouragement and advice keep me motivated!

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