Sandboarding in Peru

Dunas de Conache – Trujillo Peru

Dunas de Conache – Trujillo Peru

This place is a recreational complex in the department of La Libertad , close to Trujillo, the facilities offer great fun for a very few dollars, entrance is about $0.25cts but you pay a few dollars other  activities you want,  zip line, boats in the lake, shooting, some trekking, etc,

This is a video of my pathetic attempt to stand up, on the board, i must say this has been my second time after trying in Ica -in the Oasis of Huacachina, where i did sand board  seating down and belly down , this was the  very first time I actually tried to stand up, my nephew and kids love  it and being one the few  “sport” that the whole family can participate, I  decided to join them any time we can .This dunes were harder because no vehicle was involved to take you to the top of the Dunes , therefore you have to sweat and climb all the way,  all that work and  in  less that 1 minute you  ride down, is better to do it early in the day so the heat doesn’t get you too hard.

You can  tell I had fun but most importantly , I LOVED ,listening to my children laughing  so hard at me,  and with me!!

Would you try ???  What sport or activity you practice with the entire family?

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