oh yes! A Reposition Cruise Baby! and I am not retired!! (my big bang!!!!! )

MSC MAGNIFICA!!!! HERE WE COME The Meachams in Europe

The name of the cruise couldn’t be better Magnifique!!!! As a travel advisor you run through hundreds of vacations for your clients, one in particular is not common , “reposition cruises” , as it names states, these are the cruises that will move their ships  from one continent to the other to service the markets according to seasons. All of them have great schedules, From the very first time I sold them, I kept them, in my bucket list, ( i have too many items in that list) , This routes are long and take you from point A to B , and you have to fly back to your original point , or not , or other point, like us , we are embarking in Santos Brazil , and disembarking in Venice Italy , and will flying back from Germany to  Miami . Ahhhhhhh feels good to e-say it !!!  I have moved (cielo y tierra) and pushed and squeeze  this trip in our #f8travel journey, this is the part I feel more proud about, we are going to be in a cruise for 19 days !!!  Va va Voom!!!!

Being 21 weeks together , traveling the East coast of US in “Harvey” our RV, Peru from North to South , Chile, Argentina, and Brasil, By train, buses, vans, mini buses, cars , Ubers, dune buggies, airplanes,  tuk-tuks, river boats, and other transportation in existence, a cruise could not be missed.

It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t cheap , but when there is a will there is a way, we will be happy to be in a place, were we feel safe, kids can be on their own, no money to count, no luggage to drag, no check in and check out, also we will visit 5 countries even before we start our month in Europe , isn’t that enough reason???


I am worry for the lack of connectivity, but is probably good to take this time as my electronics dependance Rehab , I will be force to do things Offline !  kids have been warned all along, internet prices are forbidden for our F8journey, we will see who does it better, so lets get this party started, Boarding tomorrow , no stress packing because I am packed since October , hahaha!!!  Stay tune for my reports off board!!

Thankful for your time.

Cessy F Meacham CTIE





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