Is summer , Is time !

soak up the sun

Is summer, is time!!

Is Summer, is time to grab  a friend, your mom or dad, the whole family, is time to create memories  or even memory create a tradition!  Is summer in the USA and everyone is going somewhere, you can do it too.  Is easy to find excuses why we don’t go out in a getaway , a weekend or a week vacation. There is no money, there is not enough time, i rather later, I have to change the floors , I need to pay bills etc.  The truth is we put everything else as a priority, and “feel” that traveling is commodity, not a need , the truth is that is a need, a mental need, a spiritual need , when we are away from the house , we breathe better,  our minds are more receptive to focus on others ( our loved ones) instead of focus on the Laundry and chores undone in the house, Once you are out you are more receptive to enjoy the surroundings, it brings the best of you, you are more open to hear, and really listen and understand needs and likes of our own family, Isn’t that crazy that sometimes we see in the news,  the parents are the last ones to know what their kids have been doing or even worse what others have done to them?  It all starts at home, that is where everyone starts , No matter where you are from  or what are your  beliefs, or if you grew up in a broken family or not, this is your time to change things around, Money is not an issue, the remarkable memories in a child just being out , just walking with you in an new place is priceless, is you who have to make a decision ,  If you wish you can find a campground  tent lots for $15.00 and bring your own sandwiches, you can book an overnight Hotel for $50-$100 ,you can cruise a weekend for $300, you can go  to Mexico or the Caribbean for $650 ,  and on and on, there is a vacation for everyone , there is always a  way, the important thing is to understand that the “togetherness” the ” I feel you” “I love you no matter what” “this is how my father thought me” “when I was a kid …” and all the good family values  is said often,  loud and clear,  if you have it at home now, I applaud you, getting away is the icing on the cakeSoak up the sun fellows !!! grab your tribe !

Is time!!!!









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