Travel Giving Back , the icing on the cake

Allow me  to share one of the most fulfilling training I have done lately, Trained on how to make a difference in the world, supporting clients through good giving and volunteering…

#F8Journeys #Fulfilling #FundGiveBack
#F8Journeys #Fulfilling #FundGiveBack

How exciting is to travel !!!!  the dream of being somewhere far away; seeing, tasting and feeling other landscapes and people or simply taking as out of routine, out of the stress that seems to follow us , the dream then turns into a defined idea, then becomes a project , the project has now a destination and a date.

The Journey begins!!!  Can you imagine it ?  Where would you be ? with who?  are you on a Beach? Did you climb the Everest ? are you chilling with wine in a rooftop? Are you in a Park?  In the river? in a Safari? In the Jungle? in the Mountains ? Imagine that place again, and look around , Do you see people ?  How do they look ? Look at them closely , follow them, that people call your destination: Home!!!  Wouldn’t be nice to do something nice for your hosts? Hosts that see hundreds, perhaps thousands of visitors coming  in and out and most of them make them feel invisible?  That little something you can do for them ,  turns into the highlight of their day , perhaps their life! Getting involved in Sustainable Travel, and Volun-tourism does not take away the essence of your vacation visiting the dream places on your bucket list ,  on the contrary, those journeys enhance your visit, expand your horizon, let you embrace nature and other cultures, and I am certain ; It can change lives.
Let your next trip be “the one” with the icing on the cake.

Cessy Meacham CTIE

Creator of hundreds of Lifetime Travel Experiences

In the quest to make a difference, one trip at a time  321-7794285


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