Travel Agents do not need an MBA

Every day we are challenged with unimaginable sort of special requests, we deal with amazing people, and no so amazing, we deal with the travelers and the suppliers, such as Hotels, tour companies, cruises, tours, activities, rail, buses and so on,  the daily operations, brings so many circumstances, bookings, technology issues, cancellations, emergencies, and we have to make many (Executive) decisions a day, that could cost or save thousands of dollars.

Our job is never boring, “Is a small world” becomes a mantra for us, we virtually are travelling the world every day, around the globe a couple of times a day for our customers, sometimes we can’t even remember what day is today while are bookings travel for about 315 days ahead in our calendars.

Working in this Industry for 34 years, I can say with liberty, we are underrated , for most people we are “just a travel agent” we are cursed because there is no MBA in our Industry, and yet our customers trust their highest expense of the year in their family vacations with us, the truth is we don’t need one MBA, because we daily apply our knowledge across all boards.

A travel Agent LOVES to be a travel agent, they do Work Hard and Play Hard!

In our daily labor of Love; We seat and listen to our clients, sometimes unrelated stories to the trips they are planning, but we patiently listen and learn how to help them, (Psychologies), sometimes we call different sides of the family to clarify issues (Mediators), many times we call and arrange surprises for their loved ones, (confidants and allies), we make restaurant reservations, request non-allergenic pillows at arrival, report special needs or allergies (Concierges).

We call between 4-7 places to verify they are paying the best value for their purchase (Financial Administrators), We organize the logistics of their business events, group size, venue, meals, communications and activities (Project Managers) We track their schedules, remind them of payments due, organize final documents (Office assistant), we are checking their flights to be on time before departing following  them while traveling, monitoring their next days of travel, (Quality control managers), and then we enjoy their photos, and their “look at me having fun” posts on social media, and if we are so lucky we get to “like” their pictures because with some of them, we have the honor to call them (Friends) and this part of our job is the fuel that keeps us going.

Some people think we are extinct species, we just sip our wines in a different city every month and relax!

Happy Travel Agent day to all my colleagues around the World!!

Always grateful;

Cessy F Meacham

A Vanguard Travel Entrepreneur

“Life is about growing, making a difference and collecting moments of happiness”

Ph 321-7794285

*F8 is my Journey and my Lifestyle, the key to happiness is

being mindful of these 8 life elements: Family-Faith-Friends-Fitness/Health-Fund/GiveBack-Food-Fun-Fulfillment

Travel enhancing F8 in your life!

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