Who speaks to you, and keep you in F8?

My favorite Quote and Video of Will Smith

Live in F8 means to make Life meaningful and happier, Life is in motion and constant improvement is needed to maintain the path, Is not easy, is actually very hard, to keep going even when everything seems to be falling apart. Choose the best way to stay strong, I personally need to stay motivated,  I find that strength and motivation in mentors, and videos of people I already identified as people that speak to my soul, to my core, when I listen I say amen!

Tony Robbins has been my “brain food”  since the year 2000. I have read his books, I got his Power Talk CDs, and I also attended twice his popular event UPW Unleash the Power Within, I am a proud “Firewalker”,   He is in my youtube playlists, Itunes,  phone etc. the variety of topics and people he interviews is huge, I never get bored. Another one is Will Smith, His way to express his ideas and advice is very clear and visual to me, I have his videos on a youtube playlist.
I encourage you to find your way you stay focus on 

creating your own
F8 Lifestyle, try to get in the habit to continuously make a mental daily checklist of your F8, ask yourself at the end of each day
F- family, have I spent quality time with my family? have I created a fun family tradition? have I called my relatives? Did I really listen to them? did I work on strengthing our family bond, was I a good role model today for my family?
F-faith/spirituality, have I talked to my creator? have I strengthened my faith? did I spare 1 hour a week to my faith? Did I pray for wisdom? for others?  have I meditate?  Have I written the things I am thankful? 
F-fund/give– Have I did at least 1 act of kindness? have I supported any charity? Have I offered my help to others? have I volunteer lately?  Have I set an automatic charity donation? what have I given to others? Did I fund any projects?
F- fitness/health– Have I exercise today? Have I take my medicine, did I park the further possible to walk more, do I use the steps instead of elevators? am I checking the walking apps to help me being on track, have I schedule a year physical
F-friends– have I told my friends I love you, I appreciate you, I am here when you need me, or Have I call them lately?
F-fulfillment – I am working on my life goals, am I happy with the money I make? am I improving myself in a new skill, how can I make my life more meaningful?
F-food Have I cut on processed foods, did I cut on sugar or sodium? Am I taking care of my nutrition? , am I planning my meals? am I making plans to enjoy dinner with friends?
F-fun Have I laugh out loud today? have I plan to do something fun for myself alone? did I have fun with my kids? my partner? my family?
have I made someone laugh?
These are my 8 F’s, and checking them all constantly, making efforts in all of them, I can feel a sense of accomplishment, I am happier knowing that all of these areas in life receive attention and are improved with time, this is making my life better, happier  and would like to believe that after my days are over, I inspire someone to 
Live in F8!!!

Thanks for allowing me in your Inbox

Embrace your F8 :

Family, Faith, Friends, Fitness

Fund/GiveBack, Food, Fun, Fulfillment

(*F8 is a Lifestyle and a Journey, the key to happiness is to balance all 8 elements)  #LiveinF8 #F8Journeys


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