Some Good News, First Responders Tribute

I am a firm believer, that switching focus, to the things you want, makes a big difference in the results of what you are pursuing.

Have you noticed it? when you get a new car, or any other article, all of a sudden you spot many of the same cars you have or many of the articles you just got? When we shift our focus we find more of it!!

there are lots of tests to prove this point,

We are now in week 7 of the Pandemic COVID19, making the entire world spin round and round, but feels like spinning in the opposite direction.

Nothing is or will be the same, the unthinkable is now a reality, from health, economy, politics, work, studies, every angle you look, has been affected and for some people affected forever.

As of today the, We, the United States tops the list of number of cases infected.

About 6.6 million people are jobless , most in the Tourism sector, as Hotels, Restaurants, flights, cruises, trains are restricted or canceled until further notice.

So what are the Good News to share?

The World’s population. approximately 7.6 BILLION

The USA Population approximately 320 MILLION

The Day by day, the heroic job of first responders, to save lives, their efforts and long hours of sacrifices made possible

279 Thousand Lives Saved !!!!

People that can return to their loved ones, thanks to them.

Focusing in the many people voluntering in street curves to feed kids missing their only meal provided in school.

Focusing in the many companies now focusing in manufacturing hand sanitizers, masks, and everything that can help protect us from getting and contaminate others.

Focusing on the many people sharing what they have, food , supplies and helping others with the infamous toilet paper shortage.

Focusing on First responders and how to bring a smile

What can I do for First responders?

When I saw these pictures, I could not stop the tears, I let it all out, I cried and prayed for the things I see and the ones I can’t even imagine.

This post encouraged me to make an offer, the biggest treasure I have, is the sunrise, sunsets, and sandy toes, and I thought I could open my humble home to nurses and first responders that might need and cannot afford a Florida Escape, this is for you the nurses and doctors who are working around the clock.

If you served as a first responder in this Pandemic, Connect with me, and I can help you to have something to look forward, my visit my little patch of heaven, when this is all over!

See, there are many Good News!!! It is easy to get sucked in the news, the Media jobs are to inform, but most importantly to keep your attention, sadly they know the more scary and controversial, the more attention they get.

Don’t allow yourself to fall in their whirlwind, they know how to captivate the “influenceable”. Don’t allow fear, block your ability to act, and put yourself at service.

The good news is that you get to choose where to stand, what to think, how to protect yourself, your family and your loved ones.

Always remember Yin Yang, nothing is absolute, even if you think everything is bad and dark, there is ALWAYS something good, something bright. and in the same balance of life, that something that looks so Good and bright ( grass is not always greener on the other side) it could always be that little something that is bad and dark. Choose to focus and stand on the bright and good side of things,


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