Embrace the Pain and Discomfort #cantbreathe


Faith, one of the elements that in my list is top right priority along with my Family, notice we talk about Faith, not a specific religion, that will be your choice. My Faith is stronger as I get older, a younger mind is… well, you know that. I am catholic, first because my parents baptized me but as an adult, it is the religion that gives me comfort, I feel God in my heart, not in a place, but I love hearing more people, like Dalai Lama, I love hearing other church messages, Buddhists, Jewish, they all touched me, and amaze me in their efforts to reach out to people’s hearts and share the Gospel.

I want to share this Young priest message in regards to the moment we are living, where abuse of power and racism have been uncovered once more for the world to see, but this time finally I believe the voices are heard.

You don’t have to be catholic or agree with anything of the church, I am sharing because his message is very clear and universal.

Always grateful for giving me your time;

Cessy F Meacham

A Vanguard Travel Entrepreneur-Senior Contributor TripAdvisor

“Life is about growing, making a difference and collecting moments of happiness”

*F8 is my Journey and my Lifestyle, the key to happiness is being mindful of these 8 life elements: Family-Faith-Friends-Fitness/Health-Fund/GiveBack-Food-Fun-Fulfillment


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