My Dad

On Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day, allow me to share about mine.

He departed in 2002.

My dad was an amazing person, his tenacity, resilience, and optimism have not been match by anyone I know.

He lived a life of abundance, not always monetary, although he had enjoyed in his 83 years many rides of full splurge and wealth, and also moments of scarcity, but at all times, he was always optimistic, I never saw my father defeated, there was always that one new thing about to happen, that will make everything be all right!

He is my true hero, self-development, and constant progress were probably created after seeing him rise.

My grandfather was a carpenter, grandmother homemaker, my dad’s desires for superior education were not going to stop him, even when his parents were not going to put him to pursue further than elementary education, the odds were to stay in the small fish town of Puerto Eten in the north part of Peru, and perhaps be a fisherman or carpenter of the boats my grandfather help build back in the 1920s.

He is my true hero, he defied the odds, studied, and work to relocate his parents and siblings to Lima de Capital of Peru, where everyone could have better opportunities and quality of life.

He is my true here, he married and had a family he dedicate his life to.

He is my true hero, there is nothing he knew or possessed that would not share with everyone, he was a very generous man.

 He is my true hero, he not only graduate but doctorate in the San Marcos University (oldest in the Americas founded in 1551) even after having 5 kids.

He is my true hero, he woke up every Sunday at 5 am to pick up his dad, my grandfather, buy the fresh fish catch of the day at the Callao Port, he cooked it and sat with him the entire day, listening to his small-town anecdotes, and dedicating his day off of the week, to be with him. He was a great son.

He is my true hero, he did everything it took to bring his family to the USA, where he knew we could have a life full of opportunities.

He is my true hero, he showed us what unconditional, and blind love looks like. Even when others didn’t deserve it, he just loved and loved.

He is my true hero, he would fall asleep with a dictionary, paper and pen, writing and learning new English words.

He is my true hero, surviving heart attack, and many strokes, he never miss a therapy or his medicines, he wanted to live through it all.

He is my true hero, he spent his last years, living with each of us, staying in each house for a period of time, enjoying our families and grandkids. 

He is my true hero, when he knew his time could come anytime, due to his heart and other conditions, He wondered how heaven looks like, and who he would see there, I asked him one day; “Papi, is there something you wish to do, any unfulfilled dream? He said, no, I wanted to live through the “millennium” and now I did, you are all married with a family, I did my job”

From Left to Right

Raul, Cessy, Beni, Silvia, Bertha,Vicky.

I have so much to thank him, his way to teach us right from wrong, his work ethics, and the pride in our roots.

I thank him for not hesitating to raise his children as a widow, with 5 kids from 5- 16 years old.

I thank him for my the lessons

I thank him for encouraging me to have my own business, for organizing my files,

I thank him for walking  me to the aisle, and give my hand away to my husband.

I thank him for encouraging me to have another kid, even thought  they could not meet each other.

I thank him for showing me and my siblings how to be united and “always together”

He comes from time to time in my dreams and his hugs are so, so real, that make me wake up in tears of joy.

I miss him everyday, but today it hursts a little more.

See you soon Papi!

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