Gap Year / Ano Sabatico

A dream, A mission / Un sueno, Una mision

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Everything started with “Looptail” , A book written by Bruce Poon Tip, From the moment I heard Bruce speaking

anytime mapi for us at a Travelsavers conference my mind (and heart) kept spinning and pumping faster, He spoke my language, He is “actually making a difference” in the world and IN my own industry!! He had me at hello! after  listening  and watching  his first video where he covered leadership , sustainable travel, non profits  and all with images of my country : Peru, I knew  his “changing the world” speech was not going to be unheard. I eagerly read the book, “Looptail” , i haven’t  been so engaged with a book, since I read the Alchemist , yes!  wow! i  looked for every video and article about Bruce Poon Tip  and his movement.  He really is my hero, his vision , tenacity, and yes craziness, were so in tune with me, my life at that moment, and the way i was running business. i kept nodding, screaming and crying till the last page. It changed me, it liberated me, It was a wake up call, and that is why I am now in my 3rd month of F8 Travel, a Journey to find purpose,  to make a difference, those changes involve a complete change in my work operations, but without interrupting my Passion as a World Traveler and Entrepreneur, I continue running my office, in Melbourne FL, continue designing my signature escorted  tours ; Girls Only Italy , PeruRoots , the upcoming Wine Tours in Ensenada, and the well expected Cuba.

I am   starting those big changes at home,  I believe this travel experiences will change the way my kids will see the world, more compassionate and appreciative of their blessings;  this trip will give them and  opportunity  of a new vision.  I believe this can change the world too!!  one family at a time.  America and the world need to stop some nonsense tragedies.  We need to start caring, caring for our own family, caring  for others, LOVE is missing, HOME VALUES are missing ,electronics free time is missing,  REAL TALK is missing, we all have room for improvement, and all starts in the family. Kids grow too fast, and my years of family party of 4 are counted.

F8 is about life. It is about Love.

F8 is about 8 Fabulous Elements that I will be experiencing along with my family.

f8 travel bz cardsF8 is

FAMILY bonding ,

strengthening  our FAITH,

practicing  FITNESS,  visiting FRIENDS,

volunteering and FUNDING the less fortunate,

having more FUN , tasting new and good  FOOD, and

FULFILLING our life with what really matters.

This blog will not be perfect, especially my grammar since English is my second language and I don’t really plan to edit or hire someone to edit.  I just feel the need to share this experience purely, as it comes and with everything in between. This is meant to inspire those who follow me, to follow their heart and to make a journey like mine.  Whether one chooses to do yearly journey all or part of it, I will be here and will be your biggest fan.  I can guide you to help fulfill the journey whether the journey is, one week, one month, or why not, one year.

When I turned 50, I asked myself, what have I learned during my half-century of wisdom.  The conclusions I have found so far:

“Life is about growing, sharing, making a difference in someone’s life and collecting moments of happiness”cessy's wisdom


Thank you sooo much for your time!  hasta prontito amigos!