My 15 identities

Cessys 15th Identities *grab your glass of wine

I am in a workshop with the awesome platform SKILLSHARE, and part of the workshop is to complete projects related to the topics we are learning with awesome marketers and influencer in their fields. The first one is identifying your True and unique style, for that, we were asked on challenge #1 to list 15 identities, If you want to know more about this class, I can give you a link with 2 months free to check it out.

below , my assignment.

For the 1st assignment I came up with about 5 of them that easily came to mind, when I got stuck, I did what everyone does, created a Facebook poll and asked my friends, so here they are all combined:

*WARNING* if you are the one that have a headache when you see typos or grammatical errors, kindly and lovingly move to the next project. I tend to make up words ūüôā¬†

1-  TIRELESS EXPLORER – of the world and my inner self.

2- FUN FLAIR EXPERT – never a dull moment

3- CONFIDENT – this was the biggest identity given in the FB poll. 

4- THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY MIND-  Resourceful 

5- GIVER – if I have I share, I know I will get double, no dummy here.

6- ENTHUSIASTIC- give me a new travel project and I am all in!

7- RADIANT – another FB voted identity- I guess always dress up, make up on and big smile make it happen.

8-OUTGOING- never fear to talk to strangers they are a source of inspiration.

9-LEADER – since 1st grade, teacher:  who wants to start…  ME ME ME !!!

10-DRIVEN -THE NEVER EVER EVER EVER GIVE UP GIRL  – like Will Smith video, “I am not afraid to die on a treadmill”

11-PASSIONISTA- I had so many passions that i should have 10 lives in many parts of the world 

12-STUBBORNIST – when you are young is great, you know because you know and  you are right and is all good, you get older and you are stubborn about where you left your glasses, or your phone, and you know because you know you left them in the table, but yet you have glasses in your head and phone in your hand. 

13-FRIENDLY -BFF is my religion I will put my friends over my husband, kidding -not, if you are my friend you start at the top BFF, then time will tell if you keep the rank, or downgrade to BF, F, I , (the I is the rank for people to Ignore)

14- PROCRASTINATOR- so, apparently there is a scientific explanation, see, I am not the more right brain or left brain gal, mine is equally R/L, so both fight all the time, and I can’t get anything done, ( excuses, excuses) I like more the: Perfectionists are usually procrastinators version. Therefore, Tara (Teacher) Can I be excused for my late Skillshare homework?) 

15-PERUVIAMERICANA- A blend of the best of both worlds, PERU & USA equally patriotic to defend and show proudly the flags.


‚ÄúLife is about growing, making a difference and collecting moments of happiness‚ÄĚ

*F8 is a Lifestyle and a Journey, the key to happiness! #LiveinF8 -Family -Friends -Faith -Fitness -Fulfillment -Fund/Give -Fun -Food 

Who are The Real Trip Advisors

A few years ago, I attended the New York Times Travel Show, A show that averages 25k to 30k attendees during the 3-day show. Normally I only attended the show on the Travel Trade dates, when suppliers from around the world showcase their travel destinations, hotels and activities to us the Travel Advisors, That year, in particular, I decided to stay in New York a few more days, I was at the event with one of my business partners from Italy, and attended the events over the weekend geared to travelers or as I will call them in this blog; consumers.


As we chosen the topics of interest, we split our time into a few seminars.

Little we know that day, we were set for a big surprise.

The topics were something like “how to travel the world like the 1%” “the power of influencers” “what is trending” etc.

After the sessions at the end of the day, my Italian partner and I could not believe the amount of misleading or not fully accurate information given there, He realized then why most of the travelers he received on his end, are misinformed.

The rooms were full with eager travelers taking notes.

To give you a few examples one “expert” talking about Peru, told people to stay in Cusco first to acclimate the altitude before going to Machu Picchu. when on the contrary the altitude in Cusco is actually much higher than the altitude in Machu Picchu, Another thing we consider misinformation, is to encourage travelers to drive in Italy, we are not saying is not possible, but Driving in Italy, specially in Rome or the Amalfi Coast is quite challenging, not only for the narrow roads but also the traffic rules, and different signs, is definitely NOT recommended for first time travelers wanting to enjoy the sites , they did not make the exceptions while talking to the audience, In another full session, of “Travel experts” in the panel, consumers, were asking many questions, concerns, but mostly problems they encounter, one example, a lady was charged 3 times the same trip, and had 1 year back and forward trying to get her problem solved, she did not get any hopes or answers to her losses.

On the Travel free like the 1%, the “Travel Education network” was “educating” consumers to charge , charge and charge, so they can have the points to travel for free in first class, etc, etc, etc. Although I know utilizing loyalty points has some benefits, I found this irresponsible to make believe that this is for everyone.

At the end of one of the sessions, and thinking of that poor lady, I approached one panelist and asked, Why they couldn’t suggest this lady and others than in the future they could use a Travel Advisor to be protected, and help them all, because most of the problems these consumers could’ve been avoided just by having a Travel advisor. The answer was obvious, She said, “we are not interested in Travel agents” Duh! What was I thinking? to ask such a stupid question, the panel of experts of Yahoo Travel, Trip Advisors and others, will not be interested because they sell travel to consumers, they want them to buy with them online.

Above and below, snapshot of our business listings,
“The partner does not support your business type”

The real Trip advisors are humans who work on Travel for a living, The Real Trip advisor, books a minimum average of 600 trips a year, and service hundreds of travelers to all destinations, The Real Trip Advisor spends an average $8k a year in education and Travels an average of 12 times a year. Is very hard for us to see consumers being encouraged to “DIY” their trips, missing out in custom-made vacations, just because large corporations can advertise in huge ways, and use the sales pressure tricks on them, such as “last 2 rooms left” or 60% off price, etc, to get their payments quick. Most of the time, we see plenty of inventory, but the consumers do not have the tools to know, they simply cannot, but we can.

Our biggest challenge is not the internet, Our biggest challenge is to Educate the consumer of their REAL choices when traveling.

The purpose of this blog is precisely that, to educate consumers, This show like many others do have great information, you can visit the Tourism board booth and get priceless information on a country, cities, and activities, Choose wisely when making the most likely, highest expense of the year, and the precious family memories. Choose a local professional in the field to advice on the best vacation created for you.

Make 2019 the year of Travel experiences, The year you choose your local Travel Agent to help you when a sale comes up, and all along, The year you travel to visit that relative that haven’t see you in years, The year you commit to your bucket list, The year you start bonding with a family travel reunion tradition.

Travel Professionals are the Real Trip Advisors, but we are just not listed as such, in the most popular Travel research sites.


Cessy Meacham CTIE
Embrace your F8 :
Family, Faith, Friends, Fitness
Fund/GiveBack, Food, Fun, Fulfillment
Cessy Meacham is a Travel Advisor, offering travel packages and vacation hot spots around the world. Each year special tours hosted by Cessy sharing her love and local connections in each destination.

Cessy is a charismatic person with a flair for fun. To find out more on her guided Tours check :

Why do we forget to be Grateful?


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#Fulfillment #gratitude

Like every human being, I have lots of challenges, disappointments, pains, and aches, This week I choose to focus on the good things that happen in between, those tiny¬† great things that don’t shine bright like a Diamond (ha!)
We merely focus on the bad, the “everything happens to me, poor me” why?¬† because we are wired to avoid pain and we create habits of nagging instead of bringing up the best of the situation.
This week, I decided to look into the cracks, and pull those little things, unnoticeable that are simple but fulfilling.
Driving my son to school
I am grateful because I get to drive my son to school every day, (when I am not traveling) and even though my body wishes to stay in bed a little longer, I get to seat with him, hear his lousy and sometimes filthy lyrics songs (he gets a “latina mom” punch every time I hear a bad word), the fact that I can see and hug my children is to be grateful, how many with the crazy word we have cannot say the same? because they lost theirs to a senseless school shooting?¬†
We overlook and take for granted.
Mea culpa, some days all I do is nagging about the undone chores,  and complain.
#family #fulfillment
this week also, I appreciate the visit of a friend, I was grateful to see that although lives have changed drastically and lived in different cities, we were able to catch up and share our mind and soul in one delicious sushi lunch, I am grateful for #Friends.
Scholarship class
Today I receive a response from an online educational site that they grant me one year of membership after my essay request. I am so happy I will be able to learn some skills for my business that are so much needed.  It was not a fortune, I am not talking about a college scholarship, but to me means a lot, I will need to be accountable on the classes I use, and the time I take to finish the courses. These are just  3 simples things happened this week,  among the many things to deal with at work and in the family, but knowing that noticing them, the gratitude filled my heart with happiness.
#thankful #alwayslearning #growht #fulfillment
We forget to be grateful because we empower the negative things in our days, we spent time discussing peoples behavior, instead of spend time in ourselves, creating habits of seeing the bright side of things.
We forget to be grateful because being grateful takes practice,  to verbalize and even write it all up, is a  habit we need to patiently create,  it might take years, to remember to be grateful, like remembering to brush your


To create this habit I use an App called #5minutejournal, is a beautiful way to keep track of your day and the things you are thankful for.

I am now planting the seeds and making my boys practice this every Sunday, I ask them to show me the picture of the week and the 3 things they are thankful for. Believe me, they roll their eyes and try to find all excuses no avoid it, I have to stay consistent in requesting those 2 things because I truly believe this will help them in their future, even when I cannot longer be by their side.
I hope your days are filled with gratitude, and by recognizing those simple pleasures your days will be happier, brighter, like a  sunrise in a clear sky!
I  am grateful to you for reading my blog!

F8 is a Lifestyle and a Journey, the key to happiness balancing Family-Faith-Friends-Fitness-Fund/Give-Back-Food-Fun-Fulfillment)

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Why people don’t talk about Mental Health

Yesterday I returned from a two weeks amazing education trip in South Africa, Still adjusting from Zulu Time Zone, I woke up today at 3 am,
¬†I couldn’t¬†resist to grab my laptop and started clearing some emails and making my¬†Monday ToDo list.
Then I catch up with the world news. Is easy to get down with some of the news, especially seeing the latest shooting in another North American School, and yet another tragic teenager taking the life of schoolmates. 
Seems like more people were interested in the Royal wedding than the terrible losses of lives in Santa Fe Texas.
Besides any position you might have about gun controls, the truth is that our Youth is susceptible to fall quickly into, peer pressure, bullying, depression, or uncontrollable anger.  the combination of that mental state and the easy access to drugs and guns makes it a fatal combination.
Why can’t we see Mental Health same way as Physical Health or Biological health?
How many years, How much money or How many lives need to be taken before we all realized that we are destroying ourselves by not taking action about this epidemic.
There is always hope, I admire the efforts of many people around the world seeing the way I see,  Understanding that working right on the source could save lives.
That place is: In the family
I firmly believe that the values and confidence created at home is the way to stop violence and mental health issues in the future.
I am sure this can be debatable as many professionals are telling me that some of this conditions are¬†chemical imbalances and they need to be medicated, but my heart and guts tell me differently, I believe we are created equal and in God’s image, and parents and caregivers have the moral and obligation to strengthen the values, and family¬†bonding, to create that level of confidence that a kid shall not look for guns to terminate their pain, and kids can be kids.
I believe living in F8  as explained in previous blogs is the key to a better life of fulfillment and inner peace.
I admire the work of Marty Ward, founder, and creator of creating confidence eliminates bullying 
 She has been passionate about teaching kids locally and abroad about their TAGS, (Talents, Abilities & Gifts)
And going back to the Royals, I didn’t¬†mean to undermine¬†the beautiful wedding of Prince Harry and Actress Meghan Markle, but getting to my point I also admire them for their amazing leadership, with their foundation helping awareness about Mental Health.¬†
This hour interview with the now Princes and Princesses can give you the same feelings of hope that we need. Including Sustainable Travel.
Final words, take initiative, be the inspiration, make a rule¬†to¬†make 1 act of kindness a day, seek¬†for the¬†“loners” and bring a smile today.
22 school shootings only this year have to stop, remember the “Power of One”¬† One CAN make a difference and change the world.
The thing is that people DO talk about Mental Health issues, the problem is the majority chooses not to listen or what is worse choose not to act on it.
To uplift our day here is a video of these awesome kids we encountered while visiting the Sky Car at the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban.  Seeing them having so much fun, made me reflect on our youth in North America and gave me hope to see
kids being kids.

Thanks for reading, looking forward to your comments;

Cessy Meacham CTIE

Embrace your F8 :

F8 is a Lifestyle and a Journey, the key to happiness balancing Family-Faith-Friends-Fitness-Fund/Give-Back-Food-Fun-Fulfillment)

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What have we done to the world?

On Earth day (and every day) I want to spread awareness, to do everything possible to save mother earth, from our own harm. Doing a little part small or big, we can all do something to keep the earth clean, to protect the animals, to help the people!
Part of our F8 Lifestyle is to Fund, to be Philanthropist, giving, caring and F for Fulfillment, Wouldnt feel great to know we left the world a better place?
Sometimes it feels like only government or large corporations make a difference, but the truth is, that corporation needs us to survive if WE don’t support their practices or products. WE DO have control over the things we buy, deforestation can be reduced¬†by using alternative products to wood,¬† how about avoiding plastic, there are millions of people living plastic free,¬† asking to only reduce the consumption, using cloth napkins instead of paper, eliminate the use of straws, use recycle bags when shopping, and many other ways,¬† we CAN make a change, is just hard to do it alone, but together we can make a change.

Would you take the challenge and join a meetup group in your area or create a new one with the purpose to remember Earth more often than April 22?

I picked the Earth song from Michael Jackson, lyrics and videos are rather painful, but for the occasion, I believe is a must to see it, this song is 20+  years old, and the question keeps sounding loud;

What have we done to the world!


Michael Jackson’s Earth song is rather painful, but it is a reminder of what is truly happening

What about sunrise
What about rain
What about all the things that you said
We were to gain
What about killing fields
Is there a time
What about all the things
That you said were yours and mine
Did you ever stop to notice
All the blood we’ve shed before
Did you ever stop to notice
This crying Earth, these weeping shores
Aah, ooh
What have we done to the world
Look what we’ve done
What about all the peace
That you pledge your only son
What about flowering fields
Is there a time
What about all the dreams
That you said was yours and mine
Did you ever stop to notice
All the children dead from war
Did you ever stop to notice
This crying earth, these weeping shores
Aah, ooh
Aah, ooh
I used to dream
I used to glance beyond the stars
Now I don’t know where we are
Although I know we’ve drifted far
Aah, ooh
Aah, ooh
Aah, ooh
Aah, ooh
Hey, what about yesterday
(What about us)
What about the seas
(What about us)
The heavens are falling down
(What about us)
I can’t even breathe
(What about us)
What about apathy
(What about us)
Drowning in the seas
(What about us)
What about the promised land
Preachin’ what I believe
(What about us)
What about the holy land
(What about it)
What about the greed
(What about us)
Where did we go wrong
Someone tell me why
(What about us)
What about baby boy
(What about him)
What about the days
(What about us)
What about all their joy
Do we give a damn
Aah, ooh
Aah, ooh
Songwriter: Michael Jackson

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F8 is a Lifestyle and a Journey, the key to happiness is to balance all 8 elements

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Who speaks to you, and keep you in F8?


My favorite Quote and Video of Will Smith

Live in F8 means to make Life meaningful and happier, Life is in motion and constant improvement is needed to maintain the path, Is not easy, is actually very hard, to keep going even when everything seems to be falling apart. Choose the best way to stay strong, I personally need to stay motivated,  I find that strength and motivation in mentors, and videos of people I already identified as people that speak to my soul, to my core, when I listen I say amen!

Tony Robbins has been my “brain food”¬† since the year 2000. I have read his books, I got his Power Talk CDs, and I also attended twice his popular event UPW Unleash the Power Within, I am a proud “Firewalker”,¬† ¬†He is in my youtube playlists, Itunes,¬† phone etc. the variety of topics and people he interviews is huge, I never get bored. Another one is Will Smith, His way to express his ideas and advice is very clear and visual to me, I have his videos on a youtube playlist.
I encourage you to find your way you stay focus on 

creating your own
F8 Lifestyle, try to get in the habit to continuously make a mental daily checklist of your F8, ask yourself at the end of each day
F- family, have I spent quality time with my family? have I created a fun family tradition? have I called my relatives? Did I really listen to them? did I work on strengthing our family bond, was I a good role model today for my family?
F-faith/spirituality, have I talked to my creator? have I strengthened my faith? did I spare 1 hour a week to my faith? Did I pray for wisdom? for others?  have I meditate?  Have I written the things I am thankful? 
F-fund/giveРHave I did at least 1 act of kindness? have I supported any charity? Have I offered my help to others? have I volunteer lately?  Have I set an automatic charity donation? what have I given to others? Did I fund any projects?
F- fitness/health– Have I exercise today? Have I take my medicine, did I park the further possible to walk more, do I use the steps instead of elevators? am I checking the walking apps to help me being on track, have I schedule a year physical
F-friends– have I told my friends I love you, I appreciate you, I am here when you need me, or Have I call them lately?
F-fulfillment – I am working on my life goals, am I happy with the money I make? am I improving myself in a new skill, how can I make my life more meaningful?
F-food Have I cut on processed foods, did I cut on sugar or sodium? Am I taking care of my nutrition? , am I planning my meals? am I making plans to enjoy dinner with friends?
F-fun Have I laugh out loud today? have I plan to do something fun for myself alone? did I have fun with my kids? my partner? my family?
have I made someone laugh?
These are my 8 F’s, and checking them all constantly, making efforts in all of them, I can feel a sense of accomplishment, I am happier knowing that all of these areas in life receive attention and are improved with time, this is making my life better, happier¬† and would like to believe that after my days are over, I¬†inspire someone to¬†
Live in F8!!!

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ÔŅľEmbrace your F8 :

Family, Faith, Friends, Fitness

Fund/GiveBack, Food, Fun, Fulfillment


(*F8 is a Lifestyle and a Journey, the key to happiness is to balance all 8 elements)  #LiveinF8 #F8Journeys

More than a sandwich story in Milan

As much as I am passionate about roaming in airports and cruise ports and train stations, enjoying and wondering the dynamics of the travelers, there are a few things that for sure can take you out of your comfort zone.

Although I love traveling alone, mostly for my last minute change of mind, today I felt a little vulnerable being alone and the target for beggars  in a European Train Station,

This lady beggar was probably between 55 or 60 years old perhaps, I could not tell her ethnicity, I was seating in front of Juice Bar restaurant, the train station was very cold, so I¬†sat cozily under the heaters,¬† eating a delicious and warm sandwich, after 2 bites, this lady approached begging for a piece of bread, to me and to the other group of people eating right beside me. she would not move and kept asking for a piece of bread, she kept saying “a piece of bread please, please ” needless to say I couldn’t swallow any more bites, Also due to the fact that her finger pointing my sandwich was less than an inch away from it, I decided to offer her the whole bread, Poor lady I thought, maybe she hasnt eat in days, so I lifted my delicious long sandwich and offered to her, she looked at it, and to my surprise she doesn’t accept it and say: is that fish?

I am not joking,

I go no, just take it, is not fish.

She put her fingers on it and would not take my bloody sandwich!!


A few minutes go by, sandwich in hand and lady keep begging and saying she wanted fish and not accepting it.

The girl in next table, let’s call her “kind lady” starts to talk to her,¬† despite all her friends telling her not to,

So this kind lady tells her, there is no fish sandwich, beggar insisted, yes yes fish sandwich. Kind lady grabs her purse, stand up and say “I will buy you the sandwich” and then the moment of truth, the beggar said, no no I’ll buy it, give me one euro please, please!

By then I have already left the sandwich. Grab my bags and started walking away.


I felt deceived, angry, aggravated and what is worse hungry!

How can we read through people that reach out for help?

How do we know if they are really hungry?


Aren’t we supposed to help the needy?

My journey in¬† the station and interaction¬†with people wanting money did not finish there, all this while you hear loudly in the speakers “be aware of pickpockets”. I manage to continue my train journey back to my next hotel.

I totally believe that we must work to earn every euro/dollar, I gladly help someone selling flowers or water because at least they are making the effort instead of just extending a hand, and the truth is that I work and sweat every dime I earn.

I know this is not a singular story perhaps happens to you all the time, and by any means, this will stop me from keep traveling,

I just can’t stop wondering How should I react next time?

are stories like these, the reason why most people just ignored them?

What would you do?

Thanks for allowing me in your Inbox

Cessy Meacham CTIE

ÔŅľEmbrace your F8 :

Family, Faith, Friends, Fitness

Fund/GiveBack, Food, Fun, Fulfillment


(*F8 is a Lifestyle and a Journey, the key to happiness is to balance all 8 elements: Family-Faith-Friends-Fitness-Fund/Give-Back-Food-Fun-Fulfillment)

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The needy are not only in Africa…

¬†A few years ago, I made the decision stop feeling upset or incomplete, for not being able to make huge contributions to the charities I wanted to, for not being hands-on in the construction of habitat, or for not feeding large lines of people on Thanksgiving. I realize that we are all in this planet with a different purpose, and not all charity have to look,¬† like the selfies posted in social media of people surrounded by smiley kids in a poor community of¬† Africa, or Peru,¬† ( not that I don’t have done my share of those pics).

Knowing that “Giving” is fulfilling,¬† I realized, I didn’t have to give the same way others feel it should be done. In reality, the hardest Charity starts at home, within our family and our communities. People are¬†more likely to hide their needs, fearful to be seen weak or less than others, We tend to look into other people’s pain before we face the help needed in our life or circles.¬† In my Gap year 2015-2016 traveling the world,¬† I realized when visiting relatives, friends or meeting new people, there was a huge need, need to be heard, need to be understood, need to feel worthy and need to be loved.¬† I found then the type of charity I can do, and that was helping people,¬† listening, and doing my best to heal their broken souls.

The more people feeling emotionally complete, more chances that they can help others.

I am not denying that the entire world needs help; The Ukranian Orphans, The Syrian Refugees, Haitian kids, Burundi and other African countries, but let’s don’t¬†forget home, each of us, in each country can do our part.

Broken souls end up lost, most lost people end up in a broken family, broken families lead to people out of focus and loss of their job, losing jobs leads to homeless, homeless people suffer from hunger, and hunger, my dear friends, is what we must avoid.

Home for me is North America, and this video is a reality check of where you can start #Giving

Watch PBS video Poor kids in America

Matthew 25:35-40New International Version (NIV)

35 For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, 36 I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’

37¬†‚ÄúThen the righteous will answer him, ‚ÄėLord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink?¬†38¬†When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you?¬†39¬†When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?‚Äô

40¬†‚ÄúThe King will reply, ‚ÄėTruly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.‚Äô

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Cessy Meacham CTIE

ÔŅľ*F8¬†is a Lifestyle and a Journey, the key to happiness!

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The country that saved my heart; Italy ! From betrayal to Love

In 2006 I received an email invitation by the Italian Government Tourist Board, it was a hosted trip to “Emilia Romagna”,¬†I confess by that moment, I never heard of such place. ¬†I was excited to visit Italy for the first time regardless of where in Italy. ¬†Little I knew that this year and this trip would mark an unprecedented change and memory in my life.

In February of 2006, I experienced the most painful ¬†betrayal in my life, ¬†my “best friend” and partner’s greed ¬†finished with¬†everything I worked for almost a decade, A very successful company I presided ¬†for 9 years, and built with her, A company that I ¬†gave my everything, ¬†even its name that was my former DBA, ¬†fired me !!

I cried for months, how could this happen to me? we had a silent partner and they both simply kick me out of the business. I thought I could never work and love with the same passion anything else. Numb and in pain, I picked up myself from depression and continue my journey to open my own company.

I had my doubts when the time came to go the Italy trip, I had so much to do, so much to think, how could I go, this were crazy times, every email I received from them, made me shake in terror, I was threatened and they made my life miserable, reason enough to make me decide that this trip will help my emotional state.

I fell in love with Italy,  this trip lifted my hopes, my drive to continue in the Travel Industry,  and my decision to specialize and focus on trips to Italy to share with other women,  and the whole world.

Italy is one of the most visited places in the world, but most importantly is the one most people returns!

Below link is my 2006 first photos I took in my first trip to  Italy (young me), and the above link is my 2016 pictures from my last group.

Emilia Romagna Italy Photo Album

Perhaps after sharing this part of my story, you could understand why year after year my heart is full of joy and energy when I know a new trip to Italy is coming up. Italy saved my aching heart, but now I only have a heart full of gratitude.

Cessy Meacham CTIE

ÔŅľ(*F8 is a Lifestyle and a Journey, the key to happiness is to balance all 8 elements: Family-Faith-Friends-Fitness-Fund/Give-Back-Food-Fun-Fulfillment)

ÔŅľTravel Enhancing values of

Family, Faith, Friends, Fitness

Fund/GiveBack, Food, Fun, Fulfillment





Dubai ! 4th most visited city in the world

Anytime Travel Solutions was. honored to be invited to a great Dubai presentation in Miami with the presence of officials from the Government of Dubai Tourism, Dubai Business events, JW Marriott, Starwood Chain. Jumeirah Group, Destination Management Company 24 degrees, Arabian Adventures among others. Our connections in Dubai are strong and ready to serve you to the 4th most visited destination in the world

Dubai is a country where hundreds of nationalities merge to create this vibrant city that keeps you in awe, for the magnificent and unique building structure, the opulence of their gold stores, ¬†the malls. the colors and varieties the old Dubai and its spice¬†¬†market, the amazing beaches , the tallest building in the world with 160 stories, an Aquarius that makes you feel vividly¬†inside the ocean , an impeccable sand desert ¬†that invites you to extreme relaxation ¬†to the tunes and moves of a belly dancer or a huge rush of adrenaline¬†¬†to the ¬†ups and downs of your buggy In the sand dunes . Dubai is a place to experience at least once in a lifetime… or more …

#visitdubai #anytimebookings #Dubai #travelagentsknow #f8journeys

Check my Trip : Cessy in Dubai 

Always grateful;

Cessy F Meacham

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‚ÄúLife is about growing, making a difference and collecting moments of happiness‚ÄĚ

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*F8 is my Journey and my Lifestyle, the key to happiness is being mindful of these 8 life elements: Family-Faith-Friends-Fitness/Health-Fund/GiveBack-Food-Fun-Fulfillment

Travel enhancing F8 in your life!

Travel Agents do not need an MBA

Every day we are challenged with unimaginable sort of special requests, we deal with amazing people, and no so amazing, we deal with the travelers and the suppliers, such as Hotels, tour companies, cruises, tours, activities, rail, buses and so on,  the daily operations, brings so many circumstances, bookings, technology issues, cancellations, emergencies, and we have to make many (Executive) decisions a day, that could cost or save thousands of dollars.

Our job is never boring, ‚ÄúIs a small world‚ÄĚ becomes a mantra for us, we virtually are travelling the world every day, around the globe a couple of times a day for our customers, sometimes we can’t even remember what day is today while are bookings travel for about 315 days ahead in our calendars.

Working in this Industry for 34 years, I can say with liberty, we are underrated , for most people we are ‚Äújust a travel agent‚ÄĚ we are cursed because there is no MBA in our Industry, and yet our customers trust their highest expense of the year in their family vacations with us, the truth is we don‚Äôt need one MBA, because we daily apply our knowledge across all boards.

A travel Agent LOVES to be a travel agent, they do Work Hard and Play Hard!

In our daily labor of Love; We seat and listen to our clients, sometimes unrelated stories to the trips they are planning, but we patiently listen and learn how to help them, (Psychologies), sometimes we call different sides of the family to clarify issues (Mediators), many times we call and arrange surprises for their loved ones, (confidants and allies), we make restaurant reservations, request non-allergenic pillows at arrival, report special needs or allergies (Concierges).

We call between 4-7 places to verify they are paying the best value for their purchase (Financial Administrators), We organize the logistics of their business events, group size, venue, meals, communications and activities (Project Managers) We track their schedules, remind them of payments due, organize final documents (Office assistant), we are checking their flights to be on time before departing following ¬†them while traveling, monitoring their next days of travel, (Quality control managers), and then we enjoy their photos, and their ‚Äúlook at me having fun‚ÄĚ posts on social media, and if we are so lucky we get to ‚Äúlike‚ÄĚ their pictures because with some of them, we have the honor to call them (Friends) and this part of our job is the fuel that keeps us going.

Some people think we are extinct species, we just sip our wines in a different city every month and relax!

Happy Travel Agent day to all my colleagues around the World!!

Always grateful;

Cessy F Meacham

A Vanguard Travel Entrepreneur

‚ÄúLife is about growing, making a difference and collecting moments of happiness‚ÄĚ

Ph 321-7794285

*F8 is my Journey and my Lifestyle, the key to happiness is

being mindful of these 8 life elements: Family-Faith-Friends-Fitness/Health-Fund/GiveBack-Food-Fun-Fulfillment

Travel enhancing F8 in your life!

Hablo tu Idioma

a check up time on your life goals

when you make decisions, do you ask yourself :

Is this bringing me closer to my goals?



It is said, when you are in business that you have to write your goals, to have clarity,  and that every action you make you should be asking yourself;  Is this bringing me closer to my goals?

Have you applied that?

I personally like¬†to have a business coach, not only I let it all out with a professional ; my business challenges, frustrations and goals, but also allows that this professional with a special interest ¬†that I ‚Äú feel ” the value of their advice, keep me in track towards my goals and also more than often , If you are like me going a million miles per hour and in all directions, they are the ones who helped me to stop , realize and enjoy my successes.

But things are a little different this year for me, (more than a little they are 180 degrees different) My F8 Travel year , is a year of  experiences, building relationships with hotels , tour companies and organizations, is also a year of bonding, a year of gratitude , a year of memories, a year of learning, a year of togetherness, and with it there are goals to accomplished,  As always it must be the financial goals,  where I must make sales as I travel,  I need to pay office rent, the management of it, Health, Life and Travel  Insurance among others, Technology is being my savior and my nightmare at the same time. But together we must accomplish those much needed sales.

The new goals I have in addition are the core of what is F8 travel, in every experience we lived in this year in every city we visit, every family and friend we met, every restaurant, i ask myself: ” Is this bringing me closer or let me experience any of the F8 elements? Is this for Family? or Faith? or Friends? or Funding/Volunteering? or Fitness/Health? or Fun? or Food? or Fulfillment?

If what I am doing involves one or more of those elements, I feel like I am getting closer to my goals for this year.

You don‚Äôt have to be traveling to add F8 in your life, I believe it will help everyone to grow spiritually,¬†I am overwhelmed with gratitude because these last 15 weeks, since We started this Life purpose Journey, October 09th 2015, I ¬†made possible to personally hold hands, look in the eyes of those who mean a lot to me, i had the blessing to tell them, ‚Äú I love you‚ÄĚ ¬†‚Äú I appreciate you ‚Äú ‚ÄúYou made me feel especial‚ÄĚ , and ‚Äú I am here for you‚ÄĚ!!, ¬†and you might be my next visit ūüôā

Thanks for your  time,


Tio Victor & Mila Ulloa without their courage to Leave Peru in the 60’s for a better future for them and their son, I would never be an American Citizen today! Bravery runs in the family!


The Meacham’s at a dinner Show Las Brisas del Titicaca in Lima Peru, they are my biggest cheerleaders and the axel of my world!


#food #fun

Just Listen!

We are on the last few hours of 2016 How was this year for you? Full of adventures, anecdotes, success and challenges I am sure. I called 2016, my ‚Äúdaring‚ÄĚ year, as I read somewhere: “Life is either¬†A Daring¬†Adventure or nothing!!‚ÄĚ ¬† We started the year 2016 in PERU in the middle of our amazing adventure traveling together as a family of 4, without an exact route, knowing that our energy, faith, and determination will take us far and safe. We accomplished many things, especially providing our two boys 18 and 12 years old at the time, the basics of seeing the world as one, to understand and respect different cultures, to make decisions, live on a budget and practice patience and tolerance.

Along this Journey, that I call F8 Journey, I visited a lot of friends and relatives, and make a lot of new friends as well. One of the big problems while working on your business is to never “have” enough time for friends or family even just to talk, I could do that freely in my F8Journey, to “make” time for conversations, meaningful ones, ¬†and just listen.

This year as I take a GAP from the many hours at work, I Made time to see many important family and friends in my Life. Although I have seen friends that seemed happy and to have it all together,¬†in contrast, I came to the realization that a lot more people’s hearts were aching, a lot more that I could imagine, a whole lot fighting depression and being medicated, some fighting addictions, some lonely, some struggling to provide for their families , It was a lot to absorbed, I realized that philanthropy needs to start at home, giving ourselves and our time, reaching to close family and friends and having real conversations, I realized how much one person and one kind word or gesture could do ,if we could just try harder to ask and listen more, I have a lot to improve myself. As the year ends, I reflect on all the miles travelled, all the beautiful places we were blessed to see, all the awesome food tasted, the new friends we made, and I can visualize the smiley faces of all the family and friends we visited in 43 cities around our journey, along this journey I had my husband and my boys, watching how I made a priority to visit family and friends and have those conversations. My hopes are that they grow up to make PEOPLE a priority, to be kind, to seize the moment and to always, always have F8* I want to wish you a beautiful celebration receiving the new year¬†and a record-breaking year of laughs and happy memories.


*F8 is my Journey and my Lifestyle, the key to happiness is

being mindful of these 8 life elements: Family-Faith-Friends-Fitness/Health-Fund/GiveBack-Food-Fun-Fulfillment

Travel enhancing F8 in your life!

Always grateful;

Cessy F Meacham

A Vanguard Travel Entrepreneur

Senior Contributor Tripadvisor

‚ÄúLife is about growing,making a difference and collecting moments of happiness‚ÄĚ

Ph 321-7794285

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The ultimate Act

Will you agree that pursuing happiness , and feeling Happy is a universal desired goal ?img_0682
I believe all of us experience the feeling and we ARE happy from time to time, some of us more than others.

In my opinion, happiness, in 90 % of the cases, is a Choice.
What if we say that being truly Thankful increases your chances to be Happier, 100% of the time and that each time the receiver of your acts of thankfulness feels empowered to do the same for others? Would you agree that this act could become the endless source of Happiness? So, what is this relationship between Happiness and Thankfulness?
A few years ago, I read about the daily 5-3-1 rule of happiness: 5 minutes of meditation, (or spiritual time), Write 3 things you are thankful and 1 act of kindness.
I took the challenge and truthfully, at first I had to force myself. Many days I stared at my page with a completely blank mind, especially with the 1 Act of kindness. On the contrary of feeling happy, it made me sad. Shouldn’t this task be the easy part? Regardless, I continued the task and started using a mobile App called “Five minute Journal” that reminded me, daily, to write down the 3 thankful things a day. After a while, I realized that I tend to overlook ¬†my acts of kindness, and only when I was forced to write those acts down and mentally “replay” my day, I found the acts of kindness I could write in the journal. But most importantly, I could experience that there is a relationship between being thankful and being happy.

My moments of Happiness have multiplied and “more is good”!

Happy (really) Be Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

Cessy Meacham CTIEIMG_7578

Anytime Travel Solutions

Creator of F8Journeys

Travel Enhancing values of

Family, Faith, Friends, Fitness

Fund/GiveBack, Food, Fun, Fulfillment

Travel: The Second best human activity

Travel; The Second best human activity

viaggiare-giada's carViaggiare: la seconda migliore attivita umana

I don’t know when it started, but there is a bug in me, that at least every 30-40 days (sometimes less) is itching so bad, that must be taken care.

The symptoms run from being sad, irritable, hyper to total madness, I NEED to have somewhere to go in a close forecast, is needed to keep balance in my life. My family knows,

“Let me travel and no one gets hurt “

So at this moment I am actually doing the second best and favorite human activity

I am writing this blog, probably 36,000 feet up in the sky, as I sip some wine, img_6583somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, between Paris and Atlanta GA, luckily comfortable seated, with lots of space to rest my legs and laptop thinking how did I get so blessed?I stole the title of this blog from the bumper car of Giada Gottardi, and got to know her company Podium Travel better, this is one of the many clever and fun phrases that¬† Franco Garattoni comes up with, to promote Travel, they are making a big difference in the Travel Industry, they are so ‚Äúvanguard‚ÄĚ that even the way I connected with them was out of the ordinary and simply outstanding. 2 lovely ladies Giada and Alda Valentini, showing up in my ‚Äúpueblo‚ÄĚ Downtown Melbourne Florida to visit my travel agency, many people don‚Äôt even know there is another Melbourne and is not in Australia, They heard from us , through a local colleague that¬† told them , they should visit me. Glad they did. It was a ¬†delightful visit, they came from the 2nd smallest country in the world, San Marino! (after the Vatican ) and they specialize in groups throughout Europe.

Who would say few weeks later, and less than 24 hours ago I would be in Rimini and San Marino enjoying a delicious authentic Italian handmade pasta for dinner ; Tagliatelli Bolognese , some fish , grilled vegetables, other dishes and of course Wine, with the great company of the Podium international team of agents, you know that friends take  you to the right place ,when you can see the kitchen, see  3 generations working in the restaurant, img_6567 img_6564when people has to wait to get seated, and the place is so loud , you have to shout to talk , delightful~ I am so impressed with them, I met the management and the team agents mentored from around the world, I visit their impressive booth in the most important travel trade and Expo show  of Italy and perhaps of Europe called  TTG Incontri, I also visit their everyone’s dream offices, a contemporary office place, where free expression of talents is key, they have a Gym , Daycare, Kitchen and all,

i need one seat like this,
i need one seat like this!

I am so impressed with them, I met the management and the team agents mentored from around the world, I visited their impressive booth in the most important travel trade and Expo show¬† of Italy and perhaps of Europe called¬† TTG Incontri, I also visit their Offices; everyone’s dream offices! ¬†a contemporary office place, where free expression of talents is key, they have a Gym , Daycare, Kitchen and all, a foosball¬†table ¬†in the center, playing and wellbeing time seems as ¬†important as the hours they work, I won‚Äôt bored you with all their awards and advance technology providing travel services, or the over 150 team agents from around the world speaking ¬†about 50 languages, I want to share with you , my enthusiasm to work with peers that understand that¬† ‚ÄúGive back ‚Äú¬† is the way , that we are liaisons of all countries, ¬†and we have a mission , to educate and help others to Travel, You can have an amazing vacations and at the same time you can ¬†make a difference.

Podium Tour Operators, believes in their people, they mentor and support them, they are the first ones to run and organize fundraisers, amatrice-jpgfor their local fellows, like the cookout and funds collection they run to help a restaurant owner in Amatrice Italy, who lost everything, last august in the devastating earthquake, his restaurant was housed in one of the oldest buildings in Amatrice, he belonged to a noble family. Today is all gone.

These colleagues are the people I am drawn in to work with, and these colleagues with the biggest hearts, are the ones that will make time to help others, these are the ones I choose to do business  with They are behind every amazing travel experience I have the honor to prepare for you. I must share this because to me is important to spread the word when things are done simply just right!img_6388 podium-team-jpg

I believe Travel can change lives, and can shorter the distance between countries, Travel is the second best and favorite human activity as of what is the first one?  Of course is …

( you fill the blank)

Your kind comments are welcome!




Cessy Meacham CTIEIMG_7578

Anytime Travel Solutions

Creator of F8Journeys

Travel Enhancing values of

Family, Faith, Friends, Fitness

Fund/GiveBack, Food, Fun, Fulfillment

Travel Giving Back , the icing on the cake

Allow¬†me ¬†to share one of the most fulfilling training¬†I have done lately, Trained on how to make a difference in the world, supporting clients through good giving and volunteering…

#F8Journeys #Fulfilling #FundGiveBack
#F8Journeys #Fulfilling #FundGiveBack

How exciting is to travel !!!!  the dream of being somewhere far away; seeing, tasting and feeling other landscapes and people or simply taking as out of routine, out of the stress that seems to follow us , the dream then turns into a defined idea, then becomes a project , the project has now a destination and a date.

The Journey begins!!! ¬†Can you imagine it ? ¬†Where would you be ? with who? ¬†are you on a Beach? Did you climb the Everest ? are you¬†chilling with wine in¬†a rooftop? Are you in a Park? ¬†In the river? in a Safari? In the Jungle? in the Mountains ? Imagine that place again, and look around , Do you see people ? ¬†How¬†do they look ? Look at them closely , follow them, that people call your destination: Home!!! ¬†Wouldn’t be nice to do something nice for your hosts? Hosts that see hundreds, perhaps thousands of visitors coming ¬†in and out and most of them make them feel invisible? ¬†That little something you can do for them ,¬† turns into the highlight of their day , perhaps their life! Getting involved in Sustainable Travel, and Volun-tourism does not take away the essence of your vacation visiting the dream places on your bucket list , ¬†on the contrary, those journeys enhance your visit, expand your horizon, let you embrace nature and other cultures, and I¬†am certain ; It can change¬†lives.
Let your next trip be “the one” with the icing on the cake.

Cessy Meacham CTIE

Creator of hundreds of Lifetime Travel Experiences

In the quest to make a difference, one trip at a time  321-7794285


Is summer , Is time !

soak up the sun

Is summer, is time!!

Is Summer, is time to grab ¬†a friend, your mom or dad, the whole¬†family, is time to create memories ¬†or even memory create a tradition! ¬†Is summer in the USA and everyone is going somewhere, you can do it too. ¬†Is easy to find excuses why we don’t go out in a getaway , a weekend or a week vacation. There is no money, there is not enough time, i rather later, I have to change the floors , I need to pay bills etc. ¬†The truth is we put everything else as a priority, and “feel” that traveling is commodity, not a need , the truth is that is a need, a mental need, a spiritual need , when we are away from the house , we breathe better, ¬†our minds are more receptive to focus on others ( our loved ones) instead of focus on the Laundry¬†and chores undone in the house, Once you are out you are more receptive to enjoy the surroundings, it brings the best of you, you are more open to hear, and really listen and understand needs and likes of our own family, Isn’t¬†that crazy that sometimes we see in the news, ¬†the parents are the last ones to know what their kids have been doing or even worse what others have done to them? ¬†It all starts at home, that is where everyone starts , No matter where you are from ¬†or what are your ¬†beliefs, or if you grew up in a broken family or not, this is your time to change things around, Money is not an issue, the remarkable memories in a child just being out , just walking with you in an new place is priceless, is you who have to make a decision , ¬†If you wish you can find a campground ¬†tent lots for $15.00 and bring your own sandwiches, you can book an overnight Hotel for $50-$100 ,you can cruise a weekend for $300, you can go ¬†to Mexico or the¬†Caribbean for $650 , ¬†and on and on, there is a vacation for everyone , there is always a ¬†way, the important thing is to understand that the “togetherness” the ” I feel you” “I love you no matter what” “this is how my father thought me” “when I was a kid …” and all the good family values ¬†is said often, ¬†loud and clear, ¬†if you have it at home now, I applaud you, getting away is the icing on the cakeSoak up the sun fellows !!! grab your tribe !

Is time!!!!









New Vision -New Beginning

AnytimeBookings F8
New Beginning New Vision All we need is F8 (Family-Friends-Faith-Food-Fitness-Fulfillment-Fund/Giving-Fun)

I am so happy today!!!

 I have a personality that must create new beginnings to keep the excitement , and to keep me motivated.
In April 2015, major issues shook my world,  my confidence  and comfort zone and because of this,  I must create a new life!!!
I started at home , Family is my top value, and I found the way to focus on them, and what is better than traveling together ?
We started in October 2015, ¬†in our F8 ¬†Travel, a Journey described in the “about us” section of this blog. ¬†And since then, ¬†we have created ¬†an unbelievable bond and connection. ¬†I feel so proud of my family, my kids, including my sisters, brother and my in- laws, for the time we spent, the hours of hugging, the open heart talks, the ¬†traditions we created, and the values I transfered from my parents. ¬†Examples of these values are ¬†to be truth to oneself, follow your dreams, walk the extra mile, and always treat others with respect and acceptance.
A new vision of my business was also planned and is evolving with Social services and sustainability in mind. Inspiring travel opportunities are on the way.
A “house cleaning” of the “fake” friends was done.¬†
Friendship is one of my top values that I cherish for which I give my 100%.  I have the privilege to have so many GREAT friends, and we were able to visit some of them around the world.  What a blessing!!
May 2016, marks a new beginning with a New Vision, and I am hoping to count on YOU!
I plead for your support, your encouragement, your business and referrals, your advise and, moreover, your prayers for me and my family.
I am eternally Thankful for you to allow me to share my thoughts  in your Inbox.
Cessy F, Meacham
Your Vanguard Travel Agent & Advisor

my boys having eye contact with Papa Francesco at Saint Peter’s Square -Vatican.

Family Bond and compromise

the Axle of my world! from Left ; Charles Sebastian III, Meacham Center; Charles W. Meacham Right : Diego Alexander Meacham

My Illegal earrings at Park Guell !


This Story developed in  one the most magical places visited during  our F8 travel  journey . Park Guell , is located in Barcelona Spain, is a place where we spent a day enjoying the beautiful landscapes of the City , from above you can see the city, its charms and the Ocean .   The real treat is to walk within  the admirable work and  life of Antonio Gaudi , sublime architecture , ahead of his era,  his vision in architecture , and furniture design are spectacular , and the colors he utilized are outstanding !!

I urge you  to  discover this amazing artist, perhaps you already know about him,  his life , a man of faith and extreme humility. His most famous work is  La Sagrada  familia,  Basilica  , and  Parc Guell among many . I could spend hours talking about him, he fascinate me  , for his unique talent , and beautiful art , but moreover for the stories of true compassion and humility , told by the nuns who clean his house ,  his legacy to the world  has no comparison.

Having described the green and unique architectural scenery i will now tell my little story about buying earrings in the parc. As we were walking in the paths of Parc Guell , between the restaurant and the museum and shop  , the street vendors spread their clothes and items for sell . from Scarves  , ornaments, to lizard replicas and all ,

Buying from a street vendor is something that for many years has been very controversial and an insight fight within my values , It is in a gray area for me , in one hand you don’t want to support illegal business ¬†, perhaps ¬†tax evasion , Selling Cheaper without overhead cost, In the other hand, ¬†the tempting items with irresistible price !! ¬†it hurts to pay double or triple somewhere ¬†else.

I know everyone has to do what It¬†¬†feels good in your heart . In mine in this case, I gave in. ¬†so here i was immerse picking my 3 for 10 euros sets, My Pakistani ¬†vendor had all this earrings pinched in an umbrella , fascinated I was picking them ,¬†These were not just any earrings they are “the” earrings. Perhaps explaining why I wanted them so bad , you can understand me better. They looked like a pair my bff and colleague Izabella from Munich bought while we visit Incredible India. I always loved them , rounded ¬†golden earrings, very simple yet makes you feel life a million dollars . (Only women can understand this feeling ) .

These earrings were similar to hers , so I indulge and lost myself in time picking and looking round and around on his big umbrella , a few seconds before I finished picking the last pair , I hear : “excuse me , excuse me , I will be back and in a split of a second , he closed ¬†the umbrella¬†¬†And started running for his life , as well as all the street vendors , here I was empty handed , no magical Indian earrings standing in the middle of the road ¬†in and empty of vendors ¬†path , ¬†seconds later a motorcycle police patrol with bright lights looking and chasing the street vendors . ¬†When you observe the scene , I was paralyzed in shock not so much for being left without the earrings I long to have, but for the almost inhuman way the street vendors were chased , and ¬†run to hide in the upper bushes, hiding, while the motorized police are circling the path ¬†chasing to get them , and looking up for the prey, I couldn’t get over the scene, there I was speechless seeing the police swiveling, waiting for them, and the street vendors looking through the branches. I was so sad, in one hand, how frustrated for the police officers, I imagine they didn’t plan after a hard police training to end up in such an unflattering job to chase the street vendors all day, and then this guys, dozens of vendors, knowing is not allowed they just don’t ¬†bother, break the rules,have spotters, ¬†and do it because they know “we” would buy!!! Big dilemma!¬†I decided to tell the guy , better say send him signs, because he ¬†was up hiding in the hill, that i would buy only if he get outside the park.

Par Guell
exit of parc guell, where i actually bought my earrings.

Amazing Gaudi’s work

image image image

Only then, i got my earrings with bittersweet feelings, sort of embarrassed, not too proud of supporting the illegal vendors, but thinking that is their ” modus vivendus ” but also know everytime I wear them, i will think of a beautiful park that hold the most amazing architecture, history and many many secrets.

Cessy Meacham

what do you think of my story? how do you feel about street vendors?  your thoughts and comments are  appreciated!