The ultimate Act

Will you agree that pursuing happiness , and feeling Happy is a universal desired goal ?img_0682
I believe all of us experience the feeling and we ARE happy from time to time, some of us more than others.

In my opinion, happiness, in 90 % of the cases, is a Choice.
What if we say that being truly Thankful increases your chances to be Happier, 100% of the time and that each time the receiver of your acts of thankfulness feels empowered to do the same for others? Would you agree that this act could become the endless source of Happiness? So, what is this relationship between Happiness and Thankfulness?
A few years ago, I read about the daily 5-3-1 rule of happiness: 5 minutes of meditation, (or spiritual time), Write 3 things you are thankful and 1 act of kindness.
I took the challenge and truthfully, at first I had to force myself. Many days I stared at my page with a completely blank mind, especially with the 1 Act of kindness. On the contrary of feeling happy, it made me sad. Shouldn’t this task be the easy part? Regardless, I continued the task and started using a mobile App called “Five minute Journal” that reminded me, daily, to write down the 3 thankful things a day. After a while, I realized that I tend to overlook  my acts of kindness, and only when I was forced to write those acts down and mentally “replay” my day, I found the acts of kindness I could write in the journal. But most importantly, I could experience that there is a relationship between being thankful and being happy.

My moments of Happiness have multiplied and “more is good”!

Happy (really) Be Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

Cessy Meacham CTIEIMG_7578

Anytime Travel Solutions

Creator of F8Journeys

Travel Enhancing values of

Family, Faith, Friends, Fitness

Fund/GiveBack, Food, Fun, Fulfillment

Travel: The Second best human activity

Travel; The Second best human activity

viaggiare-giada's carViaggiare: la seconda migliore attivita umana

I don’t know when it started, but there is a bug in me, that at least every 30-40 days (sometimes less) is itching so bad, that must be taken care.

The symptoms run from being sad, irritable, hyper to total madness, I NEED to have somewhere to go in a close forecast, is needed to keep balance in my life. My family knows,

“Let me travel and no one gets hurt “

So at this moment I am actually doing the second best and favorite human activity

I am writing this blog, probably 36,000 feet up in the sky, as I sip some wine, img_6583somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, between Paris and Atlanta GA, luckily comfortable seated, with lots of space to rest my legs and laptop thinking how did I get so blessed?I stole the title of this blog from the bumper car of Giada Gottardi, and got to know her company Podium Travel better, this is one of the many clever and fun phrases that  Franco Garattoni comes up with, to promote Travel, they are making a big difference in the Travel Industry, they are so “vanguard” that even the way I connected with them was out of the ordinary and simply outstanding. 2 lovely ladies Giada and Alda Valentini, showing up in my “pueblo” Downtown Melbourne Florida to visit my travel agency, many people don’t even know there is another Melbourne and is not in Australia, They heard from us , through a local colleague that  told them , they should visit me. Glad they did. It was a  delightful visit, they came from the 2nd smallest country in the world, San Marino! (after the Vatican ) and they specialize in groups throughout Europe.

Who would say few weeks later, and less than 24 hours ago I would be in Rimini and San Marino enjoying a delicious authentic Italian handmade pasta for dinner ; Tagliatelli Bolognese , some fish , grilled vegetables, other dishes and of course Wine, with the great company of the Podium international team of agents, you know that friends take  you to the right place ,when you can see the kitchen, see  3 generations working in the restaurant, img_6567 img_6564when people has to wait to get seated, and the place is so loud , you have to shout to talk , delightful~ I am so impressed with them, I met the management and the team agents mentored from around the world, I visit their impressive booth in the most important travel trade and Expo show  of Italy and perhaps of Europe called  TTG Incontri, I also visit their everyone’s dream offices, a contemporary office place, where free expression of talents is key, they have a Gym , Daycare, Kitchen and all,

i need one seat like this,
i need one seat like this!

I am so impressed with them, I met the management and the team agents mentored from around the world, I visited their impressive booth in the most important travel trade and Expo show  of Italy and perhaps of Europe called  TTG Incontri, I also visit their Offices; everyone’s dream offices!  a contemporary office place, where free expression of talents is key, they have a Gym , Daycare, Kitchen and all, a foosball table  in the center, playing and wellbeing time seems as  important as the hours they work, I won’t bored you with all their awards and advance technology providing travel services, or the over 150 team agents from around the world speaking  about 50 languages, I want to share with you , my enthusiasm to work with peers that understand that  “Give back “  is the way , that we are liaisons of all countries,  and we have a mission , to educate and help others to Travel, You can have an amazing vacations and at the same time you can  make a difference.

Podium Tour Operators, believes in their people, they mentor and support them, they are the first ones to run and organize fundraisers, amatrice-jpgfor their local fellows, like the cookout and funds collection they run to help a restaurant owner in Amatrice Italy, who lost everything, last august in the devastating earthquake, his restaurant was housed in one of the oldest buildings in Amatrice, he belonged to a noble family. Today is all gone.

These colleagues are the people I am drawn in to work with, and these colleagues with the biggest hearts, are the ones that will make time to help others, these are the ones I choose to do business  with They are behind every amazing travel experience I have the honor to prepare for you. I must share this because to me is important to spread the word when things are done simply just right!img_6388 podium-team-jpg

I believe Travel can change lives, and can shorter the distance between countries, Travel is the second best and favorite human activity as of what is the first one?  Of course is …

( you fill the blank)

Your kind comments are welcome!




Cessy Meacham CTIEIMG_7578

Anytime Travel Solutions

Creator of F8Journeys

Travel Enhancing values of

Family, Faith, Friends, Fitness

Fund/GiveBack, Food, Fun, Fulfillment

Travel Giving Back , the icing on the cake

Allow me  to share one of the most fulfilling training I have done lately, Trained on how to make a difference in the world, supporting clients through good giving and volunteering…

#F8Journeys #Fulfilling #FundGiveBack
#F8Journeys #Fulfilling #FundGiveBack

How exciting is to travel !!!!  the dream of being somewhere far away; seeing, tasting and feeling other landscapes and people or simply taking as out of routine, out of the stress that seems to follow us , the dream then turns into a defined idea, then becomes a project , the project has now a destination and a date.

The Journey begins!!!  Can you imagine it ?  Where would you be ? with who?  are you on a Beach? Did you climb the Everest ? are you chilling with wine in a rooftop? Are you in a Park?  In the river? in a Safari? In the Jungle? in the Mountains ? Imagine that place again, and look around , Do you see people ?  How do they look ? Look at them closely , follow them, that people call your destination: Home!!!  Wouldn’t be nice to do something nice for your hosts? Hosts that see hundreds, perhaps thousands of visitors coming  in and out and most of them make them feel invisible?  That little something you can do for them ,  turns into the highlight of their day , perhaps their life! Getting involved in Sustainable Travel, and Volun-tourism does not take away the essence of your vacation visiting the dream places on your bucket list ,  on the contrary, those journeys enhance your visit, expand your horizon, let you embrace nature and other cultures, and I am certain ; It can change lives.
Let your next trip be “the one” with the icing on the cake.

Cessy Meacham CTIE

Creator of hundreds of Lifetime Travel Experiences

In the quest to make a difference, one trip at a time  321-7794285


Is summer , Is time !

soak up the sun

Is summer, is time!!

Is Summer, is time to grab  a friend, your mom or dad, the whole family, is time to create memories  or even memory create a tradition!  Is summer in the USA and everyone is going somewhere, you can do it too.  Is easy to find excuses why we don’t go out in a getaway , a weekend or a week vacation. There is no money, there is not enough time, i rather later, I have to change the floors , I need to pay bills etc.  The truth is we put everything else as a priority, and “feel” that traveling is commodity, not a need , the truth is that is a need, a mental need, a spiritual need , when we are away from the house , we breathe better,  our minds are more receptive to focus on others ( our loved ones) instead of focus on the Laundry and chores undone in the house, Once you are out you are more receptive to enjoy the surroundings, it brings the best of you, you are more open to hear, and really listen and understand needs and likes of our own family, Isn’t that crazy that sometimes we see in the news,  the parents are the last ones to know what their kids have been doing or even worse what others have done to them?  It all starts at home, that is where everyone starts , No matter where you are from  or what are your  beliefs, or if you grew up in a broken family or not, this is your time to change things around, Money is not an issue, the remarkable memories in a child just being out , just walking with you in an new place is priceless, is you who have to make a decision ,  If you wish you can find a campground  tent lots for $15.00 and bring your own sandwiches, you can book an overnight Hotel for $50-$100 ,you can cruise a weekend for $300, you can go  to Mexico or the Caribbean for $650 ,  and on and on, there is a vacation for everyone , there is always a  way, the important thing is to understand that the “togetherness” the ” I feel you” “I love you no matter what” “this is how my father thought me” “when I was a kid …” and all the good family values  is said often,  loud and clear,  if you have it at home now, I applaud you, getting away is the icing on the cakeSoak up the sun fellows !!! grab your tribe !

Is time!!!!









New Vision -New Beginning

AnytimeBookings F8
New Beginning New Vision All we need is F8 (Family-Friends-Faith-Food-Fitness-Fulfillment-Fund/Giving-Fun)

I am so happy today!!!

 I have a personality that must create new beginnings to keep the excitement , and to keep me motivated.
In April 2015, major issues shook my world,  my confidence  and comfort zone and because of this,  I must create a new life!!!
I started at home , Family is my top value, and I found the way to focus on them, and what is better than traveling together ?
We started in October 2015,  in our F8  Travel, a Journey described in the “about us” section of this blog.  And since then,  we have created  an unbelievable bond and connection.  I feel so proud of my family, my kids, including my sisters, brother and my in- laws, for the time we spent, the hours of hugging, the open heart talks, the  traditions we created, and the values I transfered from my parents.  Examples of these values are  to be truth to oneself, follow your dreams, walk the extra mile, and always treat others with respect and acceptance.
A new vision of my business was also planned and is evolving with Social services and sustainability in mind. Inspiring travel opportunities are on the way.
A “house cleaning” of the “fake” friends was done. 
Friendship is one of my top values that I cherish for which I give my 100%.  I have the privilege to have so many GREAT friends, and we were able to visit some of them around the world.  What a blessing!!
May 2016, marks a new beginning with a New Vision, and I am hoping to count on YOU!
I plead for your support, your encouragement, your business and referrals, your advise and, moreover, your prayers for me and my family.
I am eternally Thankful for you to allow me to share my thoughts  in your Inbox.
Cessy F, Meacham
Your Vanguard Travel Agent & Advisor
my boys having eye contact with Papa Francesco at Saint Peter’s Square -Vatican.
Family Bond and compromise
the Axle of my world! from Left ; Charles Sebastian III, Meacham Center; Charles W. Meacham Right : Diego Alexander Meacham

My Illegal earrings at Park Guell !


This Story developed in  one the most magical places visited during  our F8 travel  journey . Park Guell , is located in Barcelona Spain, is a place where we spent a day enjoying the beautiful landscapes of the City , from above you can see the city, its charms and the Ocean .   The real treat is to walk within  the admirable work and  life of Antonio Gaudi , sublime architecture , ahead of his era,  his vision in architecture , and furniture design are spectacular , and the colors he utilized are outstanding !!

I urge you  to  discover this amazing artist, perhaps you already know about him,  his life , a man of faith and extreme humility. His most famous work is  La Sagrada  familia,  Basilica  , and  Parc Guell among many . I could spend hours talking about him, he fascinate me  , for his unique talent , and beautiful art , but moreover for the stories of true compassion and humility , told by the nuns who clean his house ,  his legacy to the world  has no comparison.

Having described the green and unique architectural scenery i will now tell my little story about buying earrings in the parc. As we were walking in the paths of Parc Guell , between the restaurant and the museum and shop  , the street vendors spread their clothes and items for sell . from Scarves  , ornaments, to lizard replicas and all ,

Buying from a street vendor is something that for many years has been very controversial and an insight fight within my values , It is in a gray area for me , in one hand you don’t want to support illegal business  , perhaps  tax evasion , Selling Cheaper without overhead cost, In the other hand,  the tempting items with irresistible price !!  it hurts to pay double or triple somewhere  else.

I know everyone has to do what It  feels good in your heart . In mine in this case, I gave in.  so here i was immerse picking my 3 for 10 euros sets, My Pakistani  vendor had all this earrings pinched in an umbrella , fascinated I was picking them , These were not just any earrings they are “the” earrings. Perhaps explaining why I wanted them so bad , you can understand me better. They looked like a pair my bff and colleague Izabella from Munich bought while we visit Incredible India. I always loved them , rounded  golden earrings, very simple yet makes you feel life a million dollars . (Only women can understand this feeling ) .

These earrings were similar to hers , so I indulge and lost myself in time picking and looking round and around on his big umbrella , a few seconds before I finished picking the last pair , I hear : “excuse me , excuse me , I will be back and in a split of a second , he closed  the umbrella  And started running for his life , as well as all the street vendors , here I was empty handed , no magical Indian earrings standing in the middle of the road  in and empty of vendors  path ,  seconds later a motorcycle police patrol with bright lights looking and chasing the street vendors .  When you observe the scene , I was paralyzed in shock not so much for being left without the earrings I long to have, but for the almost inhuman way the street vendors were chased , and  run to hide in the upper bushes, hiding, while the motorized police are circling the path  chasing to get them , and looking up for the prey, I couldn’t get over the scene, there I was speechless seeing the police swiveling, waiting for them, and the street vendors looking through the branches. I was so sad, in one hand, how frustrated for the police officers, I imagine they didn’t plan after a hard police training to end up in such an unflattering job to chase the street vendors all day, and then this guys, dozens of vendors, knowing is not allowed they just don’t  bother, break the rules,have spotters,  and do it because they know “we” would buy!!! Big dilemma! I decided to tell the guy , better say send him signs, because he  was up hiding in the hill, that i would buy only if he get outside the park.

Par Guell
exit of parc guell, where i actually bought my earrings.
Amazing Gaudi’s work

image image image

Only then, i got my earrings with bittersweet feelings, sort of embarrassed, not too proud of supporting the illegal vendors, but thinking that is their ” modus vivendus ” but also know everytime I wear them, i will think of a beautiful park that hold the most amazing architecture, history and many many secrets.

Cessy Meacham

what do you think of my story? how do you feel about street vendors?  your thoughts and comments are  appreciated!






Adaptability! Traveling put your skills to work

Adaptability !


Traveling has proven to provide health benefits, and specifically could help with your ability to accept, resource, react, occur, resolve and improve when occur, important skills that according to me and Darwin are key to existence . i am  Very  proud of how my family have been adapting to changes and circumstances ; countries, languages, currencies, extreme weather changes, difficulties, losses,  hunger, thirst etc, that doesn’t mean it has been easy, we have been through, laugh and tears, (sometimes both at the same time ).

I am so proud of their strength, tolerance and patience with each other.

Almost 7 months traveling with my family in our overseas journey #f8Journeys,  has already taught me many lessons , we learn our strengths and weaknesses ,  more over everyone was push to their limits and comfort zones to become one, and adapt to all circumstances .

How do you test yours skills of adaptability ? Any thoughts or questions ? Would love to hear from you .

Here is some pics of extreme weather changes from the jungle of Puerto Maldonado, the hot desert dunes of Ica Peru and  the Glaciers in Perito Moreno,





your Adaptability will help you get ready for the next evolving moment of Life!

Canopy Tower 100 feet tall -Puerto Maldonado Peru

Climb 100 feet , top of the jungle in the Amazon


compromising and agreeing.

Thanks for your time

Cessy Meacham

World Traveler & Entrepreneur

creator of F8 Journeys

(*F8 is a Lifestyle and a Journey, the key to happiness is to balance all 8 elements: Family-Faith-Friends-Fitness-Fund/Give-Back-Food-Fun-Fulfillment)

Cessy Meacham CTIE

Anytime Travel Solutions

Travel Enhancing values of

Family, Faith, Friends, Fitness

Fund/GiveBack, Food, Fun, Fulfillment

oh yes! A Reposition Cruise Baby! and I am not retired!! (my big bang!!!!! )

MSC MAGNIFICA!!!! HERE WE COME The Meachams in Europe

The name of the cruise couldn’t be better Magnifique!!!! As a travel advisor you run through hundreds of vacations for your clients, one in particular is not common , “reposition cruises” , as it names states, these are the cruises that will move their ships  from one continent to the other to service the markets according to seasons. All of them have great schedules, From the very first time I sold them, I kept them, in my bucket list, ( i have too many items in that list) , This routes are long and take you from point A to B , and you have to fly back to your original point , or not , or other point, like us , we are embarking in Santos Brazil , and disembarking in Venice Italy , and will flying back from Germany to  Miami . Ahhhhhhh feels good to e-say it !!!  I have moved (cielo y tierra) and pushed and squeeze  this trip in our #f8travel journey, this is the part I feel more proud about, we are going to be in a cruise for 19 days !!!  Va va Voom!!!!

Being 21 weeks together , traveling the East coast of US in “Harvey” our RV, Peru from North to South , Chile, Argentina, and Brasil, By train, buses, vans, mini buses, cars , Ubers, dune buggies, airplanes,  tuk-tuks, river boats, and other transportation in existence, a cruise could not be missed.

It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t cheap , but when there is a will there is a way, we will be happy to be in a place, were we feel safe, kids can be on their own, no money to count, no luggage to drag, no check in and check out, also we will visit 5 countries even before we start our month in Europe , isn’t that enough reason???


I am worry for the lack of connectivity, but is probably good to take this time as my electronics dependance Rehab , I will be force to do things Offline !  kids have been warned all along, internet prices are forbidden for our F8journey, we will see who does it better, so lets get this party started, Boarding tomorrow , no stress packing because I am packed since October , hahaha!!!  Stay tune for my reports off board!!

Thankful for your time.

Cessy F Meacham CTIE




My Story of craving lamb in Patagonia

El Chalten route to the Glaciers

Of the road in El Chalten

There are towns in the south of Argentina that I will remember forever.  El Chalten is one. My family and I were growing tired of hauling our  suitcases.  (our house and lives were compacted in a suitcase) and also growing tired of long hours on a bus .  I expected nothing memorable from our stop in El Chalten and I was almost bothered by having another overnight to stop before our objective : trek in a Patagonian Glacier. El Chalten is known for their high winds , snow covered mountain vistas and more things I probably missed seeing .The winds are so strong that if you become distracted, it can easily blow you away.  The unexpectedly fantastic view of the snow covered mountain peaks excited me, not necessarily for my desires but for my kids and, especially, my husband who has watched many documentaries on Patagonia showing it’s many outdoor activities, especially hiking, trekking and mountaineering. After a 12 hour, overnight bus ride from our previous town, in Los Antiguos, there is nothing worse than arriving at 7am to the destination, in the very early morning and hearing “your rooms are not ready, check in is at 12noon”.

But this was our reality of more hours sitting to wait for the rooms.  As we waited, we sat on bare wooden benches.  Anxiously, my husband and youngest boy were ready to explore the town and surrounding landscape.  In contrast, my oldest son cared more for his WIFI connection so he could connect and make more music tunes for his soundcloud collection.  For me, I didn’t even know what I desired more, bed ,shower or nothing at all,   It had been a difficult day, fighting and holding on to my business and entrepreneurial mind is not an easy task.  What I honestly wanted to do was to work,  yes, I wanted to be working, i wanted the connectivity at all times as I am use to , this was heavily weighing on me.  to not make money has been increasingly frustrating , and building up on me, But the only way to enjoy and experience moments with my family is to live in the moment , cant think of the past, or the future , without reverting back to my “should do list”. I realize that I must create memories and be a role model for my kids while educating myself and my family with values, and appreciate the many cultures which we have been experiencing.  F8 journey IS happening now and I cannot be distracted from those core objectives and purpose.  Of course, easier said than done!  But one must take the bull by the horns and continue onward.

After getting our rooms, 

and changing to the most warm clothes a Florida girl owns, we started a small trek that was weather proof available for all. This was a  trek to wonderful waterfall, lake views and majestic mountain views.  We began the walk and on the way to the trail, I smelled the most amazing homemade scents of lamb.  “Cordero”, is announced on almost every corner.  I started the trek knowing that this would be my price for finishing the trek.

My discomfort during a trek can not be contained in my mind, but also must be verbalized.  During my uncomfortable trek, in my mind, no view of a paradise in the world would have changed my mood.  I huffed and puffed as we hiked the 3 miles of climbs and descents.  As we passed over a climb, to my surprise, a view of waterfalls and the glacier were extraordinary.  I struggled but actually enjoy it.  Photos can only partially describe the magnificent views.  Not only magnificence from what my eyes were experiencing, but also an epiphany.  

The route I walked , huffing and puffing for 3 miles.

Hungry and thirsty we started the return with everyone laughing at my complaints for how difficult was the decent which is typically easier than the ascent.  My toes hurt , my knees hurt, my kidneys, other body parts were in pain.  We made it back to town and with it being 4pm in this land, it is sac religious to ask for food at this hour.  This is the break time when the town’s people take a break from serving tourists.  This is the time for themselves to play their music and eat their foods.  While I knew and appreciated this ritual, I had an obsession with the thoughts of my prized Lamb dish.  We detoured from our return to the hotel and entered a restaurant where I thought we would get the “authentic” experience of Cordero Asado and cure my craving.  It was a chance to be among locals and help dissipate my feeling of inadequacy in my business by doing something I truly love: to drink wine and have a nice profound conversation with the locals.  We ended up in a place that was filled with Che Guevara’s and other’s quotes and the Mapuche’s culture photos and flags and book titles that have revolutionary tones.  This would be a perfect place to cheer me up.  I was overjoyed when the owner/attendant agreed to serve us and that they could served the Cordero Asado for which I craved.  I chose to stay, against my son’s protests.  His idea was to just mingle with the mainstream and eat at the restaurant within our hotel.  I loved experiencing the Bohemian lifestyle while treated to a few of the local musicians sitting around practicing their music.  I cherish the nice, long talk with the restaurant owner.  We talked history and learned more about the Mapuche’s and Tehuelches , native roots in Patagonia.  This interest had been sparked and had become a favorite subject during my earlier conversations with another restauranteur, Mario from the restaurant ‘Don Raul’ in San Pedro de Atacama (Chile).  This latest conversation regarding the Mapuche culture made me remember and appreciate my admiration for their culture. Mario explained how the Mapuche people were the strongest fighters defending themselves against not only the Spanish conquistadores but the mighty Inca attempts to conquer.  This is an interesting subject that I plan to continue to research.

As we sat waiting on our plates, a bottle of wine was in order.  Also while we continued to wait for the prized plates, I noticed the owner was seated at another table enjoying lunch with his family.  At first glance this was an enduring seen but as time passed and knowing my family was starved, my patience ended and I decided to bother him and asked for our orders to be taken.  He immediately stood and began to serve us.  One could argue that the wine might amplified my emotions but this lunch/supper meal may be the most rememberable for these reasons;

1) we laughed until tears came out, always loved that, tears of joy, remembering people, anecdotes, kids mimicking others, and mostly laughing at my husband’s funny/senseless jokes,

2) unfortunately, it may be an remembered for the worst meal we had in Argentina . and the priciest we pay in Patagonia. I have been lucky enough to taste gastronomy in many continents and I feel spoiled when it comes to the tastes I have experienced, but having my kids, who pretty much eat anything, telling me that this food was horrible was crushing.  My lamb and kids pasta where incredibly bad.  Thankfully it was difficult to fail my husband’s salad.  But, I couldn’t believe this would end up being the worse meal ever, as far as taste is concerned. I am disappointed and i was banging my head on the wall for insisting on this restaurant because I saw so much potential, but, instead I will choose to be thankful for the laughs and for the learning from the locals that keep the flame of recovering their native lands and roots.  I am thankful for the laughs of my kids even if is to make fun of all my aches from trekking and thankful  to this meal, for distracting me instead of my thoughts being upset.  

Let me say that the stress of not being able to work and create business ideas , 24/7 as I am use to, had not being “cured” and stills haunts me since the first week of our trip. But I am making the efforts to place them aside an living the moment, I am enjoying my family, and trying to smell all the roses in our journey.

 I want to point out something that I mention to my travelers when I plan their trips, no matter your destination, your state of mind will always determine how much you enjoy it.  In the journey and the destination, your emotional state will allow you to experience the world at its best – good or bad. I pretty much spoiled my trek, but chose to change my state,  I would like to point out that I would love to come back to El Chalten with more days than just an overnight.  This is a beautiful town where Nature lovers of all countries and all ages come for the pristine looks of hills, lands and Glaciers. Perhaps not like me, expecting too much for the “Cordero Asado”!


The questionable restaurant!

Views of my boys , enjoying a walk.
How long a 12 year old will keep this memories ? hopefully forever. Notice waterfall on the right.
Cheers and laugh in ElChantel
Sealing our unforgettable and no ordinary lunch with our cheering toast .










Cessy Meacham

F8 Journeys

Bariloche – The Patagonia we Dreamed

The great Francisco P. Moreno , his life dedicated to the creation and preservation of the Region, and its Natural wonders.- Museum at Civic Center
Our home in Bariloche Hotel Costa del Nahuel
In route , From Mendoza to Bariloche
Views entering Bariloche
f8travel argentina
All Buses in Chile and Argentina have the system, you arrive at the bus 30 minutes prior, deliver your luggage on the side, and also at arrival everyone crowds the area to receive them as well. Here Cata International buses, and the Meachams in the crowd. 🙂
Cata bus billboards are bright and inviting.
Lobby of Costa del Nahuel home of cozy and relaxing afternoons
Views from de Hotel Costas del Nahuel
the view of the Lago Nahuel from our bed, Priceless!!
Pool view, Lago Nahuel from our room at the Costas el Nahuel Hosteria
clear water of Lago Nahuel
Boys enjoying the Nahuel Lake
Colorful plant decorates many places in Bariloche and 7 Lakes, home of dozens of Bumble bees.
“In Bariloche , there is so much to do, you can come back tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day. Bariloche , I want to be there! – Street Bilboard.
a walk in the Bariloche Center
Civic center view from street
Our Chevy to the Levy… Renting a car is very convenient , allow to enjoy 7 lakes route, and Valle de Angostura in one day , very safe and the views are outstanding a treasure to keep in our hearts.
Main Plaza , Lake Nahuel, and Museum.
Lots og great information at the Museum of Patagonia, Natural History and founders of region.
Boys in Museum.
San Bernardo Dogs are the attraction for tourists, and money makers for the owners who take pictures of you for a charge.
Interesting history of the original tribes. The Mapuches
Bus Station ,at arrival
Museo de La Patagonia
First Flags in Museo de la Patagonia
leather color in first tribe. Museo de la Patagonia
Mapuche’s Flag
in route , driving south in Lake Nahuel
hoodie time , cold in the lake!
Hotel Llao Llao, amazing architecture, privilege view of 2 lakes
Llao Llao Hotel
View from parking Hotel Llao Llao
Llao Llao Hotel views
from our window in Hotel Costas del Nahuel, 2 kyte surfers where enjoying the known winds of Bariloche lakes.
Argentinian like very much their Ice cream, when in Rome… have a Gelato! maybe is their Italian heritage 🙂 D-licious!

Our F8 trip is already in its 19th  Week and the countdown Will start soon. My family and I are spending 4 Nights in San Carlos de Bariloche and the hotel is Costa del  Nahuel , everything in Argentina has been handcrafted by my network travel partners – Designer Trips ,  Matias and Lucas , and everything has been perfect – length in each place and lodging accordingly to our budget.  We are experience it to plan it in the future for you . 🙂 exciting !

We entered Argentina by bus and I feel good and confident that the time they took in the border, frontier, with bus and luggage manually checked, probably avoid further problems . We saw several police bording the bus.  We, later, exited the bus for X-raying all the luggage.  After which, we were on our way again.  The advatanges of riding by bus are the amazing views , the forced time to sleep and read, and the affordability when you are a party of 4.  After many buses with different carriers,  I must say that our Favorite attendant, Patricia  (Cata International) was outstanding and attentive.  A bonus was that the meals on this route, Mendoza -Barcelona, where awesome – all full meals, breakfast and snack.  The excitement to  see the  Andes mountain range and spot the white tips in the summer “mode” was like a JACKPOT.  The  word, “el niño”, is always discussed to explained  the drastic weather changes including: dry rivers , unusually hot or cold, as well as other phenomena. In any case, we are fascinated with the Patagonia landscapes , the pristine lakes , the easy going and safe streets , the amazing  blend of cultures in the hotels architecture with structures resembling Switzerland  The healthy air and very low humidity breathed in is incredible.

We are getting used to sweets and other non-traditional items for breakfast instead of the eggs , ham or sausages.  A good “asado” or Italian pasta for lunch is the norm with whatever is leftover for dinner.  Argentina was at the top of the list for my husband  and so far the first 5 days in this land did not disappoint a bit!

Stay tune for next week where we will go to Perito Moreno Glacier and first hand feel the glaciers .

Please write me if you have any questions at ANYTIME !



Lobby view of Lago Nahuel, Enjoying Tempranillo, courtesy of Travel Agency in Mendoza

Cessy F. Meacham CTIE

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Sandboarding in Peru

Dunas de Conache – Trujillo Peru

Dunas de Conache – Trujillo Peru

This place is a recreational complex in the department of La Libertad , close to Trujillo, the facilities offer great fun for a very few dollars, entrance is about $0.25cts but you pay a few dollars other  activities you want,  zip line, boats in the lake, shooting, some trekking, etc,

This is a video of my pathetic attempt to stand up, on the board, i must say this has been my second time after trying in Ica -in the Oasis of Huacachina, where i did sand board  seating down and belly down , this was the  very first time I actually tried to stand up, my nephew and kids love  it and being one the few  “sport” that the whole family can participate, I  decided to join them any time we can .This dunes were harder because no vehicle was involved to take you to the top of the Dunes , therefore you have to sweat and climb all the way,  all that work and  in  less that 1 minute you  ride down, is better to do it early in the day so the heat doesn’t get you too hard.

You can  tell I had fun but most importantly , I LOVED ,listening to my children laughing  so hard at me,  and with me!!

Would you try ???  What sport or activity you practice with the entire family?

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Is this getting you closer to your goals?


Is this bringing me closer to my goals?

It is said, when you are in business that you have to write your goals, to have clarity, and that every action you make you should be asking yourself; Is this bringing me closer to my goals?

Have you applied that?

I personally like to have a business coach, not only I let it all out with a professional ; my business challenges, frustrations and goals, but also allows that this professional with a special interest that I “ feel ” the value of their advice, keep me in track towards my goals and also more than often , If you are like me going a million miles per hour and in all directions, they are the ones who helped me to stop , realize and enjoy my successes.

But things are a little different this year for me, (more than a little they are 180 degrees different) My F8 Travel year , is a year of experiences, building relationships with hotels , tour companies and organizations, is also a year of bonding, a year of gratitude , a year of memories, a year of learning, a year of togetherness, and with it there are goals to accomplished, As always it must be the financial goals, where I must make sales as I travel, I need to pay office rent, the management of it, Health, Life and Travel Insurance among others, Technology is being my savior and my nightmare at the same time. But together we must accomplish those much needed sales.

The new goals I have in addition are the core of what is F8 travel, in every experience we lived in this year in every city we visit, every family and friend we met, every restaurant, i ask myself: ” Is this bringing me closer or let me experience any of the F8 elements? Is this for Family? or Faith? or Friends? or Funding/Volunteering? or Fitness/Health? or Fun? or Food? or Fulfillment?

If what I am doing involves one or more of those elements, I feel like I am getting closer to my goals for this year.

You don’t have to be traveling to add F8 in your life, I believe it will help everyone to grow spiritually, I am overwhelmed with gratitude because these last 15 weeks, since We started this Life purpose Journey, October 09th 2015, I made possible to personally hold hands, look in the eyes of those who mean a lot to me, i had the blessing to tell them, “ I love you” “ I appreciate you “ “You made me feel especial” , and “ I am here for you”!!, and you might be my next visit 🙂

Thanks for your time,


Tio Victor & Mila Ulloa without their courage to Leave Peru in the 60’s for a better future for them and their son, I would never be an American Citizen today! Bravery runs in the family!



The Meacham’s at a dinner Show Las Brisas del Titicaca in Lima Peru, they are my biggest cheerleaders and the axel of my world!


#food #fun


#food #family #fun

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