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A decade of incredible contrasts,


This decade marks an unprecedented record of highs and lows in my life,

A decade where I left my amazing 40’s, to enter my 50’s, I felt for the first time what success means in a 360 degree, feeling my best physically, mentally and financially. 

A decade where I traveled around 6 continents, and more than a dozen times to my beloved Italy.

A decade where my kids were no longer kids and parenting teenagers brought as many tears of joy as of tears of pain, oh boy there is no manual or friends warnings that can prepare you, is hard to watch the flesh of your flesh making their choices, understanding and not stepping in, that they are the only ones that can create their own story. I learned so much about myself, my tolerance and my ability to change. They are my everything and being their mother is the best pride of my life.

Half into the decade, I had one of the biggest set back in business, a betrayal that hurt deeply, from an employee and from a client, Loyalty broke, and 2 previous years on their work that ultimate, cost me the lose 75% of my business, very hard lesson in Life. It wasn’t the first time I was betrayed but this time this made my life turn into a whole new vision.

In the face of such a devastating event, I did what everyone would do; sell it all and travel the world!!! ( well maybe not everyone)

The memories and bonding of traveling together for 10+ months were beyond anything I could ever dream, the tough times or exhausting days are forgotten, the legacy and spiritual fulfillment are priceless.

In this decade, I met people from all cultures, and backgrounds, and beliefs, there were people in my world that fulfill my heart over and again,

I love deeply,

Carpe diem!

Also, there were people that betray friendship, abuse my generosity, and deceive me,

I cried deeply.

After our return from the trip, without working for a year, we faced many challenges, so many I can write a couple of books about it, the two most difficult we faced, teenage parental issues, and financial difficulties, in tough times you test yours and partner’s will power and your Faith.

That’s life, in all those moments, I always had my family and friends who never fail to support and encourage me, and my hard desire to always move forward.

And they did move forward.

Turning 50 in this decade was very interesting, half-century! Dang!

I enjoyed every second of my October month celebration but make no mistake, ’50s come to make their mark. Away they go my cool sunglasses, replaced now by whatever pharmacy readers I can find, away they go the days I could get back in shape with one or two days of adjusting meals, now forget it… away they go long periods without needing to do anything to my always long, healthy and shiny hair, now handfuls of hair loss, dying gray and trims come closer and closer in the months, you look at your face in the mirror every morning, staring at the wrinkles making themselves at home, and you just wonder, so this is the 50’s

But, at the end of the day, EVERYTHING is a state of mind, yes all those things happen, mainly hurt our Ego, but putting what matters in perspective, makes aging “problems” look like a comedy.

Mentally I can’t find any darn age difference, in all honesty even in the last 3 decades, I feel the same young and free-spirited person. Although my body says otherwise.

My life is so eventful, I mean it, I never stop, never a dull moment, check my Facebook pages, I am even amazed of all the stuff I am involved with, You wouldn’t have enough hours in a year to catch up with the posts of hundreds of places, and events I attended, groups I conduct, learning and conferences I go, and the hundreds of photos and videos in Youtube and other channels, let’s don’t forget the hundreds of selfies, and my famous “Jumps” all over the world. Truth is, I love documenting the moment, it helps me to remember where I was and what was I doing.

I am so thankful for this decade!!! it gave me clarity of my purpose, (F8 Journeys) it strength my Faith and my love for God, I feel so aligned with him, and so loved by him, this decade made me more centered and wiser.

My husband, the boys and I went through many ups and downs, although these photos show the fun and excitement, you all know, we are like any other family, human with good and bad, there were many tears among these years, many arguments, resentfulness, let downs, and days you feel you can’t bear things anymore, I guess not allowing those feeling overpower the conviction that we are a family and so far we survived as such, together through any storm.

I am so excited for 2020, I know God has amazing adventures, and missions for me. I am already envisioning a more steady way to support Charity Water, in its mission to provide water to every community around the world and to stop children from dying of contaminated water. Charity water helps remote tribes from having to walk 6 hours to collect a bucket of water, I am so committed to continuing helping donating $8 dollars for each client, F8 Journeys Philosophy and plan to combined this effort with my waste reduction and climate change support.

Happy New Year!!!! I will say it again HAPPY new year, happiness is a mindset, no matter the circumstances choose to be happy, choose to smile, even better choose to laugh out loud.

I wish you clarity, Patience, Health, Love and lots of Money!!!!

Cessy Meacham is an Avant Guard Travel Advisor, offering travel packages and vacation hot spots around the world.

Travel experiences led by Cessy, sharing her love for travel and her local connections, where history, art, culinary and sustainability meet indulgence, exploration, philanthropy and lots of fun.

Who are The Real Trip Advisors

A few years ago, I attended the New York Times Travel Show, A show that averages 25k to 30k attendees during the 3-day show. Normally I only attended the show on the Travel Trade dates, when suppliers from around the world showcase their travel destinations, hotels and activities to us the Travel Advisors, That year, in particular, I decided to stay in New York a few more days, I was at the event with one of my business partners from Italy, and attended the events over the weekend geared to travelers or as I will call them in this blog; consumers.


As we chosen the topics of interest, we split our time into a few seminars.

Little we know that day, we were set for a big surprise.

The topics were something like “how to travel the world like the 1%” “the power of influencers” “what is trending” etc.

After the sessions at the end of the day, my Italian partner and I could not believe the amount of misleading or not fully accurate information given there, He realized then why most of the travelers he received on his end, are misinformed.

The rooms were full with eager travelers taking notes.

To give you a few examples one “expert” talking about Peru, told people to stay in Cusco first to acclimate the altitude before going to Machu Picchu. when on the contrary the altitude in Cusco is actually much higher than the altitude in Machu Picchu, Another thing we consider misinformation, is to encourage travelers to drive in Italy, we are not saying is not possible, but Driving in Italy, specially in Rome or the Amalfi Coast is quite challenging, not only for the narrow roads but also the traffic rules, and different signs, is definitely NOT recommended for first time travelers wanting to enjoy the sites , they did not make the exceptions while talking to the audience, In another full session, of “Travel experts” in the panel, consumers, were asking many questions, concerns, but mostly problems they encounter, one example, a lady was charged 3 times the same trip, and had 1 year back and forward trying to get her problem solved, she did not get any hopes or answers to her losses.

On the Travel free like the 1%, the “Travel Education network” was “educating” consumers to charge , charge and charge, so they can have the points to travel for free in first class, etc, etc, etc. Although I know utilizing loyalty points has some benefits, I found this irresponsible to make believe that this is for everyone.

At the end of one of the sessions, and thinking of that poor lady, I approached one panelist and asked, Why they couldn’t suggest this lady and others than in the future they could use a Travel Advisor to be protected, and help them all, because most of the problems these consumers could’ve been avoided just by having a Travel advisor. The answer was obvious, She said, “we are not interested in Travel agents” Duh! What was I thinking? to ask such a stupid question, the panel of experts of Yahoo Travel, Trip Advisors and others, will not be interested because they sell travel to consumers, they want them to buy with them online.

Above and below, snapshot of our business listings,
“The partner does not support your business type”

The real Trip advisors are humans who work on Travel for a living, The Real Trip advisor, books a minimum average of 600 trips a year, and service hundreds of travelers to all destinations, The Real Trip Advisor spends an average $8k a year in education and Travels an average of 12 times a year. Is very hard for us to see consumers being encouraged to “DIY” their trips, missing out in custom-made vacations, just because large corporations can advertise in huge ways, and use the sales pressure tricks on them, such as “last 2 rooms left” or 60% off price, etc, to get their payments quick. Most of the time, we see plenty of inventory, but the consumers do not have the tools to know, they simply cannot, but we can.

Our biggest challenge is not the internet, Our biggest challenge is to Educate the consumer of their REAL choices when traveling.

The purpose of this blog is precisely that, to educate consumers, This show like many others do have great information, you can visit the Tourism board booth and get priceless information on a country, cities, and activities, Choose wisely when making the most likely, highest expense of the year, and the precious family memories. Choose a local professional in the field to advice on the best vacation created for you.

Make 2019 the year of Travel experiences, The year you choose your local Travel Agent to help you when a sale comes up, and all along, The year you travel to visit that relative that haven’t see you in years, The year you commit to your bucket list, The year you start bonding with a family travel reunion tradition.

Travel Professionals are the Real Trip Advisors, but we are just not listed as such, in the most popular Travel research sites.


Cessy Meacham CTIE
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Cessy Meacham is a Travel Advisor, offering travel packages and vacation hot spots around the world. Each year special tours hosted by Cessy sharing her love and local connections in each destination.

Cessy is a charismatic person with a flair for fun. To find out more on her guided Tours check :

Dubai ! 4th most visited city in the world

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Dubai is a country where hundreds of nationalities merge to create this vibrant city that keeps you in awe, for the magnificent and unique building structure, the opulence of their gold stores,  the malls. the colors and varieties the old Dubai and its spice  market, the amazing beaches , the tallest building in the world with 160 stories, an Aquarius that makes you feel vividly inside the ocean , an impeccable sand desert  that invites you to extreme relaxation  to the tunes and moves of a belly dancer or a huge rush of adrenaline  to the  ups and downs of your buggy In the sand dunes . Dubai is a place to experience at least once in a lifetime… or more …

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