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Adaptability! Traveling put your skills to work

Adaptability !


Traveling has proven to provide health benefits, and specifically could help with your ability to accept, resource, react, occur, resolve and improve when occur, important skills that according to me and Darwin are key to existence . i am  Very  proud of how my family have been adapting to changes and circumstances ; countries, languages, currencies, extreme weather changes, difficulties, losses,  hunger, thirst etc, that doesn’t mean it has been easy, we have been through, laugh and tears, (sometimes both at the same time ).

I am so proud of their strength, tolerance and patience with each other.

Almost 7 months traveling with my family in our overseas journey #f8Journeys,  has already taught me many lessons , we learn our strengths and weaknesses ,  more over everyone was push to their limits and comfort zones to become one, and adapt to all circumstances .

How do you test yours skills of adaptability ? Any thoughts or questions ? Would love to hear from you .

Here is some pics of extreme weather changes from the jungle of Puerto Maldonado, the hot desert dunes of Ica Peru and  the Glaciers in Perito Moreno,





your Adaptability will help you get ready for the next evolving moment of Life!

Canopy Tower 100 feet tall -Puerto Maldonado Peru

Climb 100 feet , top of the jungle in the Amazon


compromising and agreeing.

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